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   Chapter 2126 The Study Of The Cultivation Method

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"Human boy, don't go too far.

Let's make a deal. If you hand me the spiritual tree, I will teach you the unique techniques that I have gained in my entire life.

When you learn my unique skills, you will find no matching opponents in the Immortal End World,"

that heart told Austin in an attempt to entice him.

"Interesting offer." Austin raised a brow. "However, you cultivated the evil energy while I cultivated the vital energy between heaven and earth. I fail to see any use for your unique skill,"

Austin said.

"It is true. You cannot learn it yourself.

But your demonic avatar can cultivate my top martial skill.

So, in a way, you can cultivate it too.

Don't think that I can't see that your demonic avatar is cultivating evil energy now,"

that heart explained.

"My lifetime unique skills have been engraved on each of the nine pillars on the altar.

I imprinted these skills on the nine pillars in order to resist the suppressive force of the altar.

If you can give me your spiritual tree, I will allow you to come forward and learn these top martial skills,"

that heart continued.

Austin's heart skipped a beat at the thought. It was a desirable offer if he was being honest.

His eyes focused on the nine tall stone pillars on the altar.

Every stone pillar was engraved with dense and mysterious runes, which looked like scriptures of various cultivation methods.

'This being only has one heart left yet it still holds such tremendous power.

The unique skill perfected throughout this being's whole life must be an extremely evil magic skill!

If I let my demonic avatar practice these skills, then its fighting capacity would significantly increase.'

At the thought of this, Austin kept his gaze at the nine stone pillars.

"Well, it seems that the heart is firmly sealed on this altar.

Let my demonic avatar take a chance!"

Austin said to himself.

Austin didn't want to or even think about giving away the spiritual tree in exchange for the u


Austin asked coldly.

"Human boy, I'm going to kill you!"

the heart yelled out once he finally accepted that the human kid in front of him was telling the truth.

It sounded quite sad.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Waves of black energy surged out of that heart.

The altar shook violently.

It seemed as if it would break into pieces in the next moment.

However, a loud and bright array of light suddenly appeared on the altar as if to protect it.

Waves of energy came towards Austin's demonic avatar continuously.

The Diabolic Killing Needle that suspended above the head of the demonic avatar retaliated by releasing bursts of evil energy to protect the demonic avatar.

The demonic avatar, on the other hand, was excitedly studying those scriptures on the stone pillars.

No matter how powerful the attacks launched by that heart were, the demonic avatar didn't budge at all.

The Diabolic Killing Needle was one of the strongest holy weapons in the Evil Abyss World. So it wasn't surprising that the heart was having a tough time dealing with it.

In the next moment, no matter how hard the heart was trying, it was unable to stop the demonic avatar from studying the scriptures.

One day later, the demonic avatar had finally finished comprehending all the words in the mysterious runes and symbols stone pillars.

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