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   Chapter 2125 Encountering A Giant Heart

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There were too many skeletons around. If he wanted to so much as take a single step around this place, he would have to step on them, or stay completely still. There was no third option.

But it wasn't all that bad; various kinds of magic treasures and weapons were also scattered everywhere on the ground. No, wait, they were worthless now!

Too much time had gone by since the weapons had been taken care of. Now, they had lost their spiritual energy and rusted. They were just worthless metal scraps and when he tried to pick one up, it turned into powder at his touch.

"This looks like an ancient battlefield!"

Brady, as ancient a man as he was, was still shocked by this horrific scene.

So many creatures had died here that the skeletons were scattered all over the ground. After so many years, the resentment of the dead still didn't dissipate, turning into terrible evil energy and flooding over this area.

Thump, thump...

Just as Austin and Brady were gazing at the ancient battlefield around them in shock, a huge bang rang out from the very depths of the palace, making their hearts skip several beats at once.

"Is someone still alive in here?"

Both Austin and Brady were shocked.

Thump... Thump...

Yet, the same sound echoed again, like a drum was beating hard far away from them. The strangest thing was that the sound was incredibly dull, and somehow made their blood accelerate every time. It emanated a sort of pressure that could, somehow, put pressure right on your blood vessels.

"I have a strange feeling that it sounds like the heartbeat of a powerful creature. Am I delusional or what?"

Austin remarked with surprise and doubt in his voice.

'If it really is the heartbeat of some creature, then it must be scary and humongous in size!' he thought

Driven by curiosity, Austin and Brady began searching for the place where the sound seemed to be coming from. They were both excited and afraid of what they would find.

After searching for an hour, they seemed to be getting close as the sound was much clearer now.

Austin released all of his physical strength to protect his heart.

And Brady also released some sort of secret technique to seal off his body from extern

shield and began cutting off the knives' path.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

One by one, there were several violent collisions.

At the same, the leaves were also beginning to refine the spiritual energy contained in the knives.

"The spiritual tree!

Oh my God! You are only a human being and have somehow landed yourself a spiritual tree! Very well done indeed.

Seems like god is helping me today! I'll make a deal with you!

Send that spiritual tree up here immediately and I will spare your life!"

the heart roared with great joy.

"Hah! You wish! You can pretend all you like, but if you could kill me, why would you utter so much nonsense beforehand?

You would have taken the tree away immediately! Since you didn't, it means you can't.

Why should I send it to you?"

Austin sneered.

All at once, the heart became silent.

Actually, what Austin said was true.

Although it screamed rather ferociously, and could extend a lot of pressure, it could not leave the altar since it was sealed to the place.

Frankly, it knew of no way it could kill Austin.

"Alright, boy, if you give me that spiritual tree, I'll help you make a fortune.

I hid all of my plunder and treasures under the altar.

I can give you anything you want."

The heart tried to strike a bargain with Austin.

"Haha, you are so naive. The spiritual tree is invaluable. If you want some money in exchange for my spiritual tree, you are just daydreaming!"

Austin sneered.

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