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   Chapter 2124 The Demonic Monkeys' Den

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The demonic avatar accelerated forward, reaching the speed of light. In an instant, it clashed with the demonic monkeys head on.

In a pinch of a second the demonic avatar conjured a black iron rod, sweeping everything on its path.

A sinister energy was emanating from the black iron rod. The endless evil energy it possessed could no longer be held in.

At the same time, various runes spread out and filled the area. No mortal had ever seen these runes and lived to tell the tale.

And then suddenly, there was a surprising turn of events.

They saw the demonic monkeys halt to a stop at the sight of the runes.

Every last demonic monkey had their eyes fixed on the hands of the demonic avatar. It was as if the black iron rod soothed and unified the rampaging beasts.

In awe, they continued to stare. Traces of fear and uncertainty lingered in their eyes, but their reverence for the black iron rod was undeniable.

"These demonic monkeys seem to recognize the Diabolic Killing Needle!"

Austin was delighted as his guess seemed to be confirmed.

"In this case, let us fight!"

Austin taunted.

The demonic avatar threw out the black iron rod. It spun like a whirlwind and ravaged everything on its path.

No one dared to resist this attack. At this point, it seemed no one could stop the Diabolic Killing Needle. Startled with the events that unfolded, the demonic monkeys howled and screamed while they retreated.

The attack was relentless, and a number of demonic monkeys were not able to escape it. And thus, they were instantly crushed by its power.

What started out as a whirlwind, soon turned into a vacuum. The suction was so strong it absorbed everything around it, including the flesh and spiritual soul of the dead demonic monkey.

"Brady, I understand now. These so-called demonic monkeys are actually creatures from the other land.

It is very likely that they are from the Evil Abyss World!"

Austin said to Brady.

"Well, that's right. The power of the Diabolic Killing Needle seems to be able to subdue them innately.

It seems that you're right."

Brady nodded in agreement.

Brady and Austin had a very defined relationship - they were master and servant. As such, one privilege that Brady had in his servitude was hearing the truth firsthand from his master. Austin felt compelled to tell Brady everything about the Diabolic Killing Needle.

"These demonic monkeys actually remind me of the

ambled palace through this square.

The air that surrounded the square felt sinister and insidious.

"It seems that this is where these demonic monkeys live.

Let's go inside for a look,"

Austin said.

"Be careful. This square holds an array.

I have observed these demonic monkeys. When they passed through the square, they all stepped on the ground with golden spots,"

Brady warned Austin.

"Really? Are you sure?"

Austin was surprised. As he looked down, some golden spots were indeed on the ground.

The two of them walked into the square. They carefully treaded on the golden spots that were on the ground.

Both of them were nervous. Finally, they passed through the square and arrived at an old hall.

This hall was the grandest site in all of the buildings.

Albeit old and desecrated, nothing could cover the glory and extravagancy this place had from the past.

They walked confidently towards the gate of the palace.

The demonic avatar, of course, was leading the way with the Diabolic Killing Needle.

The demonic avatar ensured their safety from any sudden sneak attack from the demonic monkeys.

Finally, Austin and Brady set their foot onto the palace floors.


Austin was surprised by the vastness of the palace.

The palace looked without bounds.

What was more, there were rolling mountains and vast lands covered by thick fog that brewed in the distance.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh..."

Gloomy winds roared. The winds blew from all sides.

They discovered piles of withered bones on the ground that turned out to be from humans as well as creatures of various races.

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