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   Chapter 2123 Meeting Demonic Monkeys Again

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After a day, Austin found that they had left the empty area which covered thousands of miles. In front of them were countless black mountain ranges.

These mountains were as black as ink. Even the endless ancient woods could not cover up the mountains at all. The mountains stretched towards the distance. They held an ambiance of mystery.

The black mountains gave off a strong sense of oppression.

There was some ominous aura coming from the mountain.

Hesitantly, Austin and Brady entered into the mountain area and moved through the jet black mountain.


The howl of a lonely wolf echoed throughout the black mountain range. The sound was desolate and pathetic.


Several lifeless looking crows flapped their wings as they stood on the branches of a withered old tree outside a black cliff. They emitted horrifying cries.

What was more horrible was that the crows were staring at Austin and Brady viciously in the distance.

"I have a feeling that this place is so dangerous," Austin said.

He shuddered.

"It is said that there are all kinds of dangerous things existing everywhere in the Land of Life-and-death. Anyone or anything that enters into this place will be in great danger.

It's best not to provoke any of them."

Austin heard the voice of the Flame Emperor in his Soul Sea.

While they were talking, they suddenly heard a sound.


A skunk appeared out of nowhere and rushed to the distance, as if running from something. It looked very old.


Then, a snake, as thick as a water tank, slowly climbed out and slithered towards the cliffs in the distance.

Looking at these strange creatures, Austin felt that something was odd. He just wasn't sure why.

Austin and Brady continued to trek further into the black mountain range. The eerie atmosphere became more intense as they ventured further. It was as if they were walking in a cemetery and the black mountains were large tombs. There was something about in the air in a cemetery that just made people feel chilly all over.


It burst into a sudden cry of bitterness and sadness. The cry spread for more than a dozen miles.

Then Austin found a withered old tree not far away on a mountain. The tree was enormous, even five or six people could not entirely embrace it if they tried. The tree stood tall

he Slave Tower for the time being.

There are too many demonic monkeys here, and their strength is too powerful.

Several of them are even as strong as me.

We may not be able to defeat all of them," Brady explained.

He shook his head and sighed.

"All right."

Austin nodded.

With such a great number of demonic monkeys, the most rational strategy was to hide and avoid fighting with them. Both of them would end up with serious injuries if they chose to fight.

However, at this moment, Austin's heart skipped a beat.

He found something strange.

Austin sensed that the aura emitted from those demonic monkeys was familiar.

The flying demonic monkey!

The aura radiated by these demonic moneys was vicious and ferocious. Austin realized that the aura was very similar to the flying demonic money that Austin had encountered in the Northern Mine District of the East Mainland.

And it was also similar to the aura of the evil creatures that Austin had met in the Astral World.

"Is it possible that..."

An incredible idea flickered through Austin's mind.

"Well, in this case, let me use the Diabolic Killing Needle to have a try!"

Austin murmured to himself.

Then Austin used his spiritual sense, and his demonic avatar appeared immediately.

The Diabolic Killing Needle appeared in the hand of the demonic avatar. It quickly grew in size and transformed into a huge black iron rod.

Holding the iron rod in its hand, the demonic avatar charged quickly towards the several demonic monkeys that ran the fastest in the front.

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