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   Chapter 2122 The Terrible Black Cyclone

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Slowly, the men took in the sight of the boundless desert in front of them. It looked perilous and bloody from the miles of red sand. All they could see was dust whirling in the distance.

Unfortunately, Austin couldn't use his vital energy force to fly across the desert; however, with some quick thinking, Austin used his strength and bodily movement skill to cast himself over the earth. He moved like a charging train as he headed for the only visible structure.

On his heels was Brady who had decided to follow Austin instead of returning to the Slave Tower.

In fact, Austin had already engraved the spiritual sense array several times in the Slave Tower.

The spiritual sense array that Elder Sharp had taught Austin could become more powerful as his spiritual sense grew stronger. The stronger his spiritual sense was, the stronger the spiritual sense array was.

Therefore, Brady could come out of the Tower longer than he used to.

In fact, Brady enjoyed the idea of being in the world outside the Tower every once in a while.

Brady smiled as they traveled across the desert.

For hundreds of thousands of years, he had been kept in the Slave Tower after he was refined into a guardian spirit by Kevin, so he loved being able to be out.

As they traveled further along the desert, the structure became clearer. Austin noticed that it was made up of giant pillars stood in rows. They were thick, round, and ancient.

Even the foundation of the structure was still intact. It was about tens of feet long and tens of feet wide and half covered by dusty, red sand.

"Do you know what this structure is? It can't be a building because it's huge! Was it the residence of giants?"

Austin asked Brady as they landed in the middle of it.

On the stone pillars, there were carvings of mysterious creatures and

as Austin glanced at them, he recognized what they were.

"These creatures look similar to the evil creatures that I encountered in the Astral World!"

He walked up to the tallest pillar and squinted his eyes, trying to see more closely.

There was a thick layer of dust completely around the circumference of the pillar.

Waving his sleeve, Austin use

th a wave of his hand, the Pot of Chaos grew into a giant herbal pot which was as mighty as a mountain.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The black claws jabbed into the Pot of Chaos and scratched down it, making a sound like nails on a chalkboard.

Meanwhile, the black cyclone was closing in on them.

It roared and whistled loudly.

The sound resembled a laughing monster hidden deep inside of it.


Clanging was heard as more claws pounded against the outside of the Pot of Chaos.

"Damn it! What kind of monster is hidden in this black cyclone? It must be huge and horrifying!"

Austin asked as he scrunched his face in confusion.

While he thought about it, Austin swore he heard heavy breaths and loud footsteps in the black cyclone, and the ground seemed to be shaking slightly.

"Let's get out of here!"

Brady shouted as he controlled the Pot of Chaos to resist the ghost claws that came from all directions. Turning around, he and Austin ran as fast as they could into the distance.

After a long time, they finally outran the terrible black cyclones.

The wind resumed its gentle breeze and the world returned to silence. Still, their ears stayed open.

Looking far into the distance, they saw another open area. It was also bloody red but it was dotted with stones.

"We should be approaching the core area of the Land of Life-and-death."

Austin looked into the distance.

Then he followed Brady as they traveled onwards.

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