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   Chapter 2121 The News About Immortal End School

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"Master! Your avatar has significantly improved. It can easily crush a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm now."

Brady sighed in admiration when he saw the demonic avatar.

"Yes, it can..."

Austin was extremely satisfied with the strength his demonic avatar had displayed in the battle just now

Especially the World Sealing Tabooed Magic it could now utilize.

Once unleashed, it would seal off the opponent's body, and then instantly kill him. It was an extremely powerful technique.

"Alright. Now, I think we should hurry up and get to the Land of Life-and-death,"

Austin announced.

Then, he rushed into the Land of Life-and-death.

About twelve hours later, news of the death of these masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm spread to their respective sects like wildfire.

The leaders of those sects were shocked and angry. A few of them even slapped the messenger in their fury.

"What? A cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm is protecting Austin? Impossible!" Various kinds of dialogues were exchanged. Losing such powerful warriors was a huge blow for any sect.

"Austin's demonic avatar is also as powerful as a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm!"

"And Austin has also entered the Land of Life-and-death? Damn it!"

the leaders roared angrily.

They were furious at the thought that such a young brat such as Austin had killed more than a dozen masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

This was a huge embarrassment for them.

These ancient sects were known to be the most powerful in the whole Divine Continent. And now, their respect and status were at stake.

The whole Divine Continent looked up to these sects and they were pretty much undisputed leaders, until now.

Obviously, they couldn't stand to see their men defeated by a nobody like Austin. That too, in such a shameful manner.

What's more, the inheritance of the red demonic mouse and the Dragon Formula that he carried was a very attractive treasure and each of the sects wanted to get their hands on them.

Therefore, before long, news and orders spread and every single one of those sects dispatched a large number of people. Pretty soon, several armies had surrounded the Land of Life-and-death.

"Lock this place down! Nobody gets in, or out! I want Austin, dead or alive!"

the leaders gnashed their teeth in anger and barked orders harshly.

"He is just a nobody! He's going to regret the day he decided to go against the Universe Sect.

tion and passion, coupled with lots of ambition, these students were naturally no longer satisfied with a world as small as the Divine Continent. They were eager to enter a wider stage.

Now the chance had presented itself. If they could join the Immortal End School, their lives would change!

While news of the Immortal End School was spreading like wildfire in the outside world, in the Land of Life-and-death, Austin was exploring around carefully.

The whole place was a desolate area and mainly comprised of large deserts with very few oasis in between.

What surprised Austin most was that he couldn't fly anymore after entering this place.

There seemed to be some sort of extremely powerful force over the area that prevented warriors from flying.

"It looks like the legend is true. Even a powerful great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm won't be able to fly after entering the Land of Life-and-death. They can only walk around,"

the Flame Emperor whispered.

Although they hadn't entered the core area of the Land of Life-and-death yet, Austin still knew that his strength was far less than that of great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm. This meant that he couldn't even fly in the peripheral areas.

He raised his head and tried to look into the distance, but he saw nothing. The ground was red as blood, and loneliness seemed to be a constant theme in its aesthetics.

Sand was everywhere, and an occasional stone mountain, red as blood and quiet as tombstones would pop up from time to time.

"This place is so desolate. I can't even see a ghost!"

Austin hissed in a soft voice that echoed around.

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