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   Chapter 2117 Being Targeted

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After Austin left the Blue Dragon School, he headed north all the way.

The Land of Life-and-death was near the north edge of the Middle Pilgrim Land.

By using the teleportation arrays in the cities along his way, Austin headed to the direction of the land.

The territorial area of the Middle Pilgrim Land was very vast.

It was a long and tough journey for Austin to go to the land from the Blue Dragon School.

It was not until half a month later that he finally came close to his destination.

'After entering the Land of Life-and-death, I must help the Flame Emperor find the Reincarnate Lotus, '

Austin thought.

If he could find the legendary Reincarnate Lotus this time, he would be able to help the Flame Emperor rebuild his body. This way, Austin could solve a very crucial and significant issue weighing on his mind.

That was one of his principal wishes after he left the Prime Martial World and came to the Divine Continent.

Meanwhile, just as he was heading towards the direction of the land, some top leaders of several ancient great sects and clans in the Middle Pilgrim Land had received the same piece of news.

Austin had left the Blue Dragon School.

Immediately, all of their repressed thoughts were once again brought back at the top of their head.

"What?! Austin left the Blue Dragon School?

Haha, good! Very good!

We don't dare to kill him so long as he stays in the Blue Dragon School. After all, it is said that Anderson and their dean both think highly of him.

But he left the school while Anderson and the dean are still in the Astral World. God is really on my side now!

I suggest we send warriors to kill him immediately. We must get the Dragon Formula, the inherited secret skill of the red demonic mouse, and all kinds of secret weapons he possesses!"

"That's a great idea! I agree with you."

Such conversations went on and on between the senior leaders of several ancient sects and clans in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

It turned out that Austin's tw

han a dozen masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm to hunt me,"

Austin sneered.

"Austin, don't talk too much. Hand over all your things and tell us the Dragon Formula and the inherited secret skill of the red demonic mouse.

Otherwise, we will ransack your soul. Ha-ha! I'm afraid your spiritual soul can't bear that kind of torture,"

a stout middle-aged man scoffed.

"Austin, last time, four cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm died while chasing you. Did you kill them or not?"

an old man in his fifties shouted coldly from another direction.

"Yes, I killed him,"

Austin replied frankly; his face blatantly showed how nonchalant he was.

More than a dozen masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm around them were taken aback by his words.

"How could you kill them with your current strength?!

Austin, do you have any formidable magic weapon with you? Or did you plot something nasty to kill them?"

the old man asked in a stern tone.

"Ha-ha! It's none of your business how I killed them. Since they wanted to kill me, they should have been ready to get slaughtered by me, too. Don't worry! You will also face the same destiny!"

Facing more than a dozen masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, Austin was strangely calm and confident.

Yet, internally, he was critically analyzing the current situation he was in.

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