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   Chapter 2116 Bound For The Land of Life-and-Death (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5945

Updated: 2020-02-10 03:19

There are chances that the creatures of other worlds will try to come in and destroy the space barrier here.

This barrier is the exceedingly important. You were here and you heard those vicious evil creatures. Though we've got this space crack fixed, the creatures from other worlds will make attempts to break it again. That's the only way for them to enter our world. If they want to invade our homeland, they have no other choice but to enter through here,"

an ordinary-looking, old man said loudly.

Dozens of warships were gathering there, and numerous Immortal Transforming Realm masters were aboard. They began to release terrifying vital energy.

Upon hearing all that was being said, all the strong cultivators of the Immortal Transforming Realm nodded in unison. All of them agreed to those words.

It was a known fact that there always were fights between different small worlds. But when it came to the survival and safety of the creatures of the whole world and the human race, they were surprisingly unified and chose to stand together against their enemy.

"Moreover, after the intrusion of the creatures from another world, we know that saving our land will become extremely difficult. If we stay divided, we will not be in a position to defend ourselves.

I bet you must have realized by now, that the creatures from other worlds have been searching for an opportunity to invade our Immortal End World.

Therefore, I'd advise you all that from now on we should not live a carefree life as we used to do earlier. We cannot be complacent or careless.

We need to be ready for any situation, like the invasion by the creatures from the other worlds.

One of the things we need to do is select young cultivators and cultivate them as our b

in thought.

"Be careful, Austin!

You have already ended up threatening many top-notch sects and influential clans of the Middle Pilgrim Land enemies. If the people from these forces find out that you are leaving the Blue Dragon School, they will surely come after you,"

Stacy said to Austin in a worrying tone, as she stared at Austin with her beautiful eyes.

"Don't worry. Relax! I will not get myself killed!"

Austin assured her with a warm smile.

He was grateful that she was sincerely concerned about him.

"Well, I'm leaving now!"

After saying goodbye to Stacy and Kimberly, Austin used his bodily movement skill and left for the Land of Life-and-death.

In the Blue Dragon School, an elder in a green robe sitting on a mountain opened his eyes. His eyes flicked open the moment Austin left the school.

"Who would've thought that he would leave the Blue Dragon School at this moment. He is as good as a dead man. I was just wondering how to bring him out secretly and take him down for good," he said.

His eyes were fixed in the direction in which Austin had left with a murderous look in his eyes. This was the chance he had been waiting for.

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