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   Chapter 2115 Bound For The Land of Life-and-Death (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6277

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From the time, he got the Soul-nourishing Bead, the Flame Emperor spent most of his time cultivating in it. He was doing it incessantly to slowly recover his soul energy.

In the past, he had been seriously injured and almost died in the East Mainland. When he escaped he landed in the Prime Martial World accidentally. He had regressed a lot and his cultivation base fell. His injuries had become more serious.

As a result, he was on the verge of dying as his spiritual soul was badly hurt. He had no choice but to hide in the Mysterious Nether World and struggle to survive and stay alive.

There was only a little energy left in his spiritual soul.

Therefore, now that with the magical bead that could help nourish his spiritual soul and hopefully slowly regain his power, he was spending most of his time in the Soul-nourishing Bead, trying to restore his soul energy.

"I know, buddy. Don't worry and don't ever think I've forgotten about you! I have kept this in my mind.

Indeed, I have come here for two purposes. One is to enter the Blue Dragon School, and the other is to find the Reincarnate Lotus to help you rebuild your body.

After all that happened these days, I am sure there is no doubt that I will soon become an official student of the Blue Dragon School.

Now all I have to do is wait patiently. When the dean comes back, I think he will officially promote me to become a student, or even a seeded disciple as the elder has promised; Who knows?

All right! I will explore that Land of Life-and-death before the dean is back. I'll go get the things you need. What do you say?"

Austin said after a moment of reflection.


As much as I am appreciated, by saying that I didn't mean you have to do it like right away. That place is regarded as a forbidden area in our Divine Continent, you know. You might get into danger

a day later.

At the same time, many people had gathered in the Forsaken Secret Land of the Astral World.

All of them stayed in front of the broken space barrier, observing it carefully.

The space crack, which was originally thousands of meters wide, had almost disappeared in thin air.

The great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm took all the credit for it. Actually, the space crack would repair itself with the law of space in the heaven and earth. However, the process took too long and they didn't have that much time to waste. The masters then cast all kinds of spells and set up the most powerful arrays. It was a fact that they had used a great number of natural resources and magic treasures to fix the crack.

In addition to that, knowing the space barrier here was much weaker than other parts of their world, they had made the space barrier more difficult to break.

Thanks to their hard work, the barrier was extremely harder than what it was in other worlds and times.

"Friends, we have entered the Immortal Transforming Realm and this is the time we must stand up for our world. From now on, all of us from the eight heavens and the thirty-six small worlds need to take turns and keep guarding this place.

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