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   Chapter 2114 Think About My Request

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He wanted Austin to join the Summer Sect and become the vice sect leader. Did he really mean it?

Everyone stared at Austin, waiting for his reply.

Austin knew that Harold wanted to win him over to his side.

However, he didn't expect that he would be designated as the deputy leader of the Summer Sect.

But not everyone was happy with Harold's offer to Austin. Those five members of the Summer Sect that were following Harold were shocked when they heard his proposition to Austin.

These members of the Summer Sect could not accept it, so they questioned Harold's decision.

"Leader, please consider it carefully. I'm afraid it's not appropriate to let him become the deputy leader right away. I'm just concerned about what the other members of our sect may feel about this..."

a young man said to Harold.

He was Hobbs Zhang, one of the most trusted disciples in the Summer sect.

"Hobbs, if you can go to the headquarters of the Universe Sect and destroy their entire sect, then I will make you the deputy leader of the Summer Sect immediately. What do you think of that?"

Harold turned around and said it to Hobbs.


The young man called Hobbs gasped and was at loss for words.

He was there and saw how Austin tore down the headquarters of the Universe Sect.

This incident made him aware that Austin's fighting capacity was much stronger than his. He thought highly of him because of his great power.

Therefore, Harold's words left him speechless.

The other four members of the Summer Sect just remained silent.

"Austin, please consider my offer. I'm very sincere about it."

Harold fixed his eyes on Austin.

At first, Kimberly couldn't grasp the situation. Later on, she realized that her elder brother was trying to bring Austin into their side for the benefit of their clan.

Summer Sect was one of the important branches of the Xia Clan in the four schools. Once Austin joined the Summer Sect and became their deputy leader, he would become part of the Xia Clan's force.

So, Kimberly supported her brother's idea.

She looked at Austin expectantly and hoped that he would accept the offer.

Stacy also knew that they were trying to draw Austin over to their clan.

'It's impossible! Austin will not let himself be a part of any powerful clan so easily, ' Stacy thought.

She stared at Austin and waited for his answer.

"I'm sorry. I only came to the Blue Dragon School for my cultivation and training.

I have no intention to join any organizations among the disciples.

It is very kind of you, but I'm afraid that I have to turn you down,"

Austin answered immediately without giving it much thought.

Both Harold and Kimberly were surprised by Austin's answer.

"Austin, don't be ungrateful.

There are many top dis


If the Universe Sect dares to provoke me again, they better prepare themselves because they will suffer more fierce revenge," Austin said with a faint smile.

His mind gradually recovered from the shock.

Austin was not bothered even if Leonard was a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm because he had already killed some of them before.

Besides, there was Brady, who was in the Slave Tower and could always help him. He was a powerful cultivator that was also at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

Austin believed that even if Leonard was very powerful, his cultivation time was still far lesser than Brady's, so there was no way that he could defeat him.

A moment later, the three ended their conversation.

Stacy left and went back to her cultivation peak with her two followers.

Then Austin returned to his hut and prepared for his cultivation.

At this time, there was a huge commotion at the quarters of level one and level two disciples in the Blue Dragon School.

A follower named Austin went to the headquarters of the Universe Sect. He defeated its six masters and hundreds of their members. Then he destroyed their headquarters and turned it into ruins.

This news was like a thunder that ignited the nerves of many disciples and followers.

They all ran at the location of the Power Ranking Stela and saw that Austin rank eleventh on it.

Austin's name was always being mentioned in the conversations among the disciples and followers in the Blue Dragon School.

At this moment, in Austin's small hut, he was sitting cross legged.

"Brat! I didn't expect that you can make it this far so soon.

Can you spare some time and consider my request?"

A voice suddenly sounded in Austin's Soul Sea.

It was the Flame Emperor.

"I've been looking forward to have a body for thousands of years,"

the Flame Emperor continued.

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