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   Chapter 2113 The Invitation From Harold Xia

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The headquarters of Universe Sect which once boasted of large and lofty buildings was now in shambles.

There were a few hundred members of the Universe Sect who were lying injured. Most of them were even severely injured.

They groaned in pain.

The onlookers looked at Austin in shock.

Everyone was panicked. Their hearts beat faster and they were far from being calm.

They had witnessed a miracle that day.

A young man who hadn't even been in the Blue Dragon School for a month had turned the headquarters of the Universe Sect into such a mess.

What was more shocking was that he was still just a follower.

'He is a miracle maker! He is incredible!'

many people exclaimed in their hearts.

"Alright. I am ready to forgive you and pretend as if nothing had happened between us.

But if you dare to provoke me again, I will make you suffer much more than this,"

Austin threatened the injured members of the Universe Sect as he floated above the ruins.

After that, he turned around and in a bat of an eye he caught up with Stacy and Kimberly.

"Let's go,"

Austin said to the girls.


you have pulled the headquarters of Universe Sect down to the ground."

Kimberly gaped at Austin with her beautiful eyes, her jaws dropped in surprise.

Kimberly was left aghast. It seemed that she could not believe what had just happened.

She had initially thought Austin would beat up the members of the Universe sect to vent out his anger and that was it.

But she had not imagined that Austin would destroy their headquarters in this manner.

Amused by the look on Kimberly's face, Austin broke into a hearty laugh.

"Let's get out of here," he said before he turned around and walked away.

"Come on...

This is how Austin is. He has always been like this since he was in the East Mainland," Stacy said to Kimberly who was still in a state of shock. Stacy covered her mouth and giggled as she saw Kimberly's reaction.

Stacy then held Kimberly's hand and dragged her to leave the place.

"He is a monster..."

That was all Kimberly could say.

Soon, Austin and the two girls arrived at the hill where Kimberly lived.

The three of them sat around the table a

as aware of what Harold Xia was up to.

'He is here to befriend me and persuade me to work for him.'

The Universe Sect recruited talented students of the four schools to develop the Yumen Clan, while the Summer Sect recruited talents of four schools for the Xia Clan.

However, the young members of the Xia Clan were much weaker compared to the Yuwen Clan.

Therefore, the Universe Sect had a higher status as compared to the Summer Sect.

The overall strength of the Yumen Universe Sect was much stronger than that of the Summer Sect.

Hence, as soon as Harold Xia heard Austin's incredible display of strength at the headquarters of the Universe Sect, he rushed to Kimberly's house to see him. The only purpose behind his visit was to convince him to become a part of the Summer Sect.

He had learned from Kimberly that Austin was going to be a formal disciple of the school or even a seeded disciple.

So Harold was fully aware that if he managed to convince Austin, the Summer Sect would obtain a high status in the Blue Dragon School.

"I knew it, Austin.

But I have just one request. I hope you can think it over,"

Harold Xia said as he looked at Austin sincerely.

"Oh? What is it?"

Austin said with a surprised look on his face.

"I hope you can join our Summer Sect.

I offer you the seat in our sect as the vice leader, just a level down to me,"

Harold Xia said slowly.

His words surprised Austin, Kimberly, Stacy, and all five followers.

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