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   Chapter 2112 Destroy The Headquarters Of The Universe Sect

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"How dare you!"

The members of the sect roared as they heard Austin's statement.

At the same time, clamors and uproars could be heard throughout. It was a spectacular scene to behold.

Not only the members of the sect were surprised, but also the disciples and followers seem to be taken aback as they heard Austin.

'Is he going to demolish the headquarters of the Universe Sect to the ground?' They all thought as they tried to process the incredulity.

If Austin really meant what he said, it implied that he declared the Universe Sect to be his enemy from here on forward. This entailed that they would be continuously fighting until one of them perished.

Austin had already defeated several masters of the Universe Sect and brought great humiliation to them, but it wasn't something remarkable.

Completely destroying the headquarters of the Universe Sect down to the very last bits, however, would be another story.

The headquarters was the symbol of the Universe Sect.

Should Austin succeed in demolishing their headquarters, he was going to put the whole Universe Sect under his feet!

"Ha-ha, of course that's what I'm trying to do.

From my understanding, each and every one of you are students of the Blue Dragon School. Setting the Universe Sect and bullying others would indicate an authority when everyone should be equal. A toxic organization such as yours should have been eliminated a long time ago!

For the sake of the other students of the Blue Dragon School, I promise to do a great job in taking you down!"

Austin announced vehemently and laughed.

Thrilled that Austin spoke and fought for them in their behalf, the students and followers who came to watch the fun nodded in approval.

They almost clapped at Austin's brave feat, especially the students who had been bullied and menaced by the members of the Universe Sect.

"All members of the Universe Sect, may I have your attention?

Let's kill Austin together!

Guard the Universe Sect!"

Giles stared at Austin as he pronounced each word carefully.

"Of course!

We will protect the Universe Sect until we die!"

The members of the Universe Sect answered in unison.


Well, let's see if you can stop me from razing the Universe Sect!" Austin responded in equal intensity.

The fighting spirit began to rise in Austin's body as he raised his head and laughed. The billowing golden vital energy, like vast rivers, rushed out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four golden light balls the size of a house soared into the sky and blazed to the members of the Universe Sect.


As Austin displayed the full capacity of his physical strength, terrifying blood vitality was released to form countless dragons, and they shrouded his body and roared

to be even more powerful than the inheritance skill of the red demonic mouse, this skill seemed to be more formidable.


An overwhelming power spread in all directions as he cried out loud.

A few moments later, an intimidating shadow of a genuine dragon stood across the void.


The dragon stretched out its claws and swept the space with its tail, leaving its targets akin to the fallen leaves being swept away by the autumn wind.

Crack! Crack! Crack!.

An incalculable number of members of the Universe Sect were thrown away in all directions.

Before long, all the members of the Universe Sect were blown off!

The battle was over!

As one final gesture, the dragon soared and dashed into the buildings at the headquarters of the Universe Sect.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sky shook; smoke billowed; bricks and stones fell to the sky.

Swept out and turned into ruins, the headquarters of the Universe Sect was reduced to nothing but rubble.

Not a complete building was seen anymore, much less a standing wall left. Save for the few bricks on the ground, the sect was devastatingly obliterated.

As everything simmered down, the shadow of the dragon disappeared, and the dust over the sky gradually drifted away.

There, among the ruins, was a young man standing in the air.

"Oh my god! The headquarters of the Universe Sect has been annihilated!"

They all mumbled in disbelief. Taking a closer look at the ruins, there were unwillingness, anger, disappointment and confusion in the eyes of the members of the Universe Sect.

Once a powerful sect in the Blue Dragon School, their authority no longer existed. Even the first and second level students would immediately cower in fear upon hearing the name of the Universe Sect. But now, the headquarters of the Universe Sect was completely destroyed.

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