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   Chapter 2111 What Do You Want

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On the huge Power Ranking Stela of the Blue Dragon School, the eleventh position flickered with a crystal light, and indication of a name change and then the name on the position was replaced with Austin.

At the same time, a figure flashed and a middle-aged man appeared at the front of the Power Ranking Stela.

"As clearly indicated, Austin has defeated several powerful cultivators of the Universe Sect successively, and managed to steadily replace their positions on this list.

As a mere follower, in less than a month after he joined the school, he managed to rank eleventh in the Power Ranking Stela. This is probably the rarest case in the history of our Blue Dragon School," exclaimed the middle-aged man.

He was a steward in the school, and was specially in charge of monitoring the positions where the first and second-level students were placed within the ranking system.

He never missed anything that affected the first and second-level students or anything they were involved in. If a major event happened, he would definitely know every single detail.

Actually, the man had been observing in secret every major event including the recent events of Austin attacking the headquarters of the Universe Sect and defeating the three top cultivators who protected the headquarters of the Universe Sect.

"We now have a great genius in our school!"

The steward raised his head towards the Power Ranking Stela and sighed in contentment.

Just then.

At the headquarters of Universe Sect.

There was still dead silence.

All eyes were on the young man in the field.

After a while.

Finally, a fit of feeble cough could be heard from time to time.

Far away on the ground, from a crater that had a zigzag shape, slowly climbed out Giles.

His demeanor was quite subdued. He was no longer dignified and graceful as he had been when he was in charge of the Universe Sect.

He was a sight to behold. He looked seriously injured because his body was looked grotesque. There were many bloody wounds all over his body and some bones could be seen protruding from every orifice in his body. He was in a very weak state.

Not too far from the horrendous sight, there was another group of two strong cultivators, Ragnar and Hudson. Their faces looked as pale as ghosts, and they were staring at Austin with deep hatred, resentment and helplessn

you say it's temporarily over?

Do you think I'm a person who will get threatened and give up so easily? What you have done is not enough to end this battle.

Don't get too comfortable, things are just getting started!"

Austin laughed with a trace of mockery on his face.

Belinda, who was standing next to Larry, shivered at the venom in Austin's words.

She was also from the East Mainland. She had already witnessed Austin's brutality there. She knew that he had killed numerous disciples from the three holy lands, three noble clans and first-rate sects.

Many of the stewards and elders had been killed by Austin.

"Would he dare to kill someone in the Blue Dragon School?"

Belinda couldn't help but feel a deep fear in her heart. It was difficult to breathe since it felt as if a steel grip was constricting her heart.

If Austin dared to kill people here, she might be the first one to be killed.

After all, it was she who was the cause of Austin's grudge against the Universe Sect.

For the first time, a trace of regret arose in Belinda's heart. Perhaps she shouldn't have provoked Austin in the first place.

Especially when she was aware of Austin's real identity, she should have stayed away from this demon.


What do you want to do? Don't think just because you are strong, we are afraid of you!"

Hearing Austin's words, Giles couldn't help but squint his eyes and roar angrily.

"I'll tell you what I want.

All I want to do is to flatten the headquarters of Universe Sect and raze it to the ground!"

Austin said coldly.

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