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   Chapter 2110 Another Victory (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6435

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Some blade auras looked like colorful rays of rainbows spread across the sky, while some appeared like huge hawks guarding the sky.

They were the blade auras produced with the use of law power!

Just like Austin, Giles had attained the secret of law power in the cultivation of blade skills.

In the predominant world of cultivators, excellent cultivators started to discern and cultivate various kinds of law power in the world after they had achieved the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

For the younger generation, however, there were some extremely talented disciples able to explore the law power even before they reached the Heavenly Grotto Realm level.

The so-called cultivating the law power was the ability to comprehend a certain natural law and regulation that existed between heaven and earth and the ability to make use of them skillfully to develop powerful strength.

To make it simple, the use of law power equaled the ability to transform the force of nature into the cultivator's own power.

As for the cultivators who had not yet learned the law power, they could only use their own power against their enemies. No matter how powerful they could get, they remained limited to their own strength

The forceful blade auras released by Giles with the law power were so powerful they successfully repelled the attacks from the huge shadow of the red demonic mouse.

Austin was impressed, but he kept a straight face to hide his amazement.

He did not expect that Giles was so excellent in using blade skills.

"All right, I think I need to use a more powerful approach!" Austin told himself.

The current situation was becoming hopeless. Austin knew he had to fight back with a more advanced skill, or they could stay there fighting for days.

Giles was a veteran and a famous warrior in fighting competition. Faced with such an experienced opponent, Austin could not afford to undere

hat he was forced to retreat.

The clashing sound from the battle became more and more frightening.

A huge dragon tail, as huge as a mountain, swept across with the fatal blow.

Stones and rocks were hoisted up into the air as thunder resounded angrily above the clouds.

The God of War staggered as he could not resist the attack from the dragon. Covered with blood and countless injuries all over his body, he looked like a mangled body of a huge beast.

The God of War stayed motionless for a while.

Then a high-sounding blast filled the air.

His huge body blew up into tiny pieces.

The dragon raised one of its claws and swayed Giles's body before releasing it into the air. Giles let out a horrifying scream as he felt his body being thrown away forcefully.

To everyone's surprise, the dragon disappeared suddenly, and the sky became sunny and clear. They looked around and the dragon was nowhere to be found.

There was a lone figure that appeared to be suspended in the air. It was Austin.

All the spectators raised their heads to look at him.

It filled the whole area with an eerie silence.

The result was undeniable. Giles, the cultivator ranked eleventh on the Power Ranking Stela, was defeated. It was another victory for Austin.

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