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   Chapter 2109 Another Victory (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6374

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

As Giles sped up, sounds of explosions that came from his vital energy force were heard inside his body.

The powerful energy surrounding Giles's body intensified and was relentless. It covered him with a mighty, arrogant aura as if he were a god who despised everything in the mortal world. All his energy blasted out of his body like a bomb.

His eyes swept across the surrounding people in an overbearing manner. He was like a high and mighty emperor who owned the entire world. He stood tall and proud, full of confidence and arrogance. His eyes were filled with greed and ambition.

Finally, the shadow pulled out by Giles from his body approached Austin.

"It's over! Austin, this is the end of your life!"

Giles declared the destiny of Austin for everyone to hear. His voice was loud and commanding, and it was like a sacred order from a supreme judge whose verdict no one could contradict.

There was a death-like silence as everyone kept still and waited on what was going to happen next.


A deafening sound burst out from his body. It thundered across the sky and made the ground tremble as if a giant ancient beast from the primitive age was trying to come out of the ground.

The majestic and dreadful aura of war filled the whole area.

Giles's body convulsed and cracks appeared across his entire body.

The giant body of a mystic god sprung out from his body!

It was the God of War, and he was holding a long golden spear in his hand.

His skin was made of gold and every strand of his hair shone like a burst of sunshine.

He was enormous, at least several hundred meters tall. He wore a golden armor that covered his entire body, and it dazzled with a golden light. The spear in his hand was made of golden steel and had a sharp blade that gave off a majestic, superior aura.

The God of War looked down at the creatures

The surrounding air became foggy and seemed to be covered in a red mist.

The huge shadow of the red demonic mouse appeared out of the mist. Austin snapped his finger, and it came rushing out.

With the killer instinct of the red demonic mouse, it lunged towards Giles and pounced on him fiercely.

"You are indeed bold! I'm waiting for you!"

Giles roared like a mighty beast.

All at once, a huge blade appeared in his hand.

The air stirred because of the restless murderous will from the blade.

He swung his hand and raised the huge blade high in the air. It launched a forceful attack that created a wave of electric energy into the air.

With undying force and energy, he launched more violent attacks.

Each blade aura was so intense that all the people could see it clearly. It was the size of a large metal door of about one hundred feet long. All the blade aura pierced through the space like lightning and darted towards the huge shadow of the red demonic mouse directly.

An endless supply of blade auras converged to form a magnificent river of blade aura.

Each blade aura was marvelously filled with the strong force of nature. It took advantage of the energy of both heaven and earth as if it were a natural force from nature.

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