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   Chapter 2108 Conquering Ragnar

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Austin felt a strong scent of death.

Similar to the Dark Scripture possessed by the Ji Clan of the East Mainland, Hell Scripture also helped cultivators emit dark energy.

Nevertheless, the Hell Scripture Ragnar was exhibiting and much more commanding compared to the Dark Scripture.

Yet, the Golden Sun Scripture Austin cultivated was a virile plan. So, he was not anxious about dark energy.

With his mind, he formed the sea of golden flame behind him.

Four enormous golden balls appeared from his body and ascended into the sky, stunning and dazzling like the four golden suns.

At the same moment, a giant, black sickle materialized in the hand of the enormous shadow of a skeleton behind Ragnar.

It discharged a strong smell of death that turned into ferocious winds.

Several powerful ghosts surrounded the skeleton shadow, releasing excruciating cries and beseeching

The relatively weak students and followers around, couldn't help shuddering with horror as their face turned pale as a scaredy-cat.

"This is so horrifying!"

"Oh my god! If I were confronting Ragnar, I would lose consciousness before making a move."

Some students and followers deliberated in a low voice.


A strong sense of death encircled Ragnar. His eyes were icy, merciless, and harsh as if he were the king of hell who had an ultimate say in people's death.


The high shadow of a skeleton standing behind him gradually swayed its sickle at Austin.

At this point, Austin sensed that a shadowy force was trying to manipulate his spiritual soul and made him stop resisting. It even made him have the desire to kneel and wait for a trial.

Once the cultivator used the Hell Scripture, he could affect his rival's soul.

Nevertheless, Austin had a strong spiritual sense.

Additionally, he possessed the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea.

The spiritual tree quaked and rele


Giles seemed surly as he clasped his fists. His expression towards Austin was filled with indignant.

Larry next to Giles also looked at Austin with skepticism and jealousy.

'How could this follower be this powerful?' Larry pondered.

Belinda was just beside Larry. She gnashed her teeth and stared at Austin ferociously and powerlessly.

She realized that Austin, whom she hated to the core, had attained a level that she could only imagine.

So many gurus on the Power Ranking Stela had been conquered by Austin one after the other.

And she was still just an ordinary newcomer. How could she ever compete with him?

She knew that Austin could overpower her and take her down easily.

Thinking of this, Belinda felt both indignant and immobilized.

"Great, you're on point. Austin, it turns out we have underrated you several times.

As it looks, I have to deal with you myself.

But don't be troubled. I will ensure that you will die at my hands,"

Giles slowly said as he looked at Austin.

Immediately he concluded the last word, and he shot towards Austin like a cannonball.

The only thought that was in Giles's mind was to kill Austin in a blink of an eye and in the most brutal way to get the Universe Sect's reputation back.

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