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   Chapter 2107 The Hell Scripture

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"Ha-ha! Boy, let's see if you can resist my attacks. You are doomed!"

Hudson burst into laughter during the fighting.

"All right. I'm practicing a new skill anyway.

I must warn you, it is so strong that one blast can easily defeat you,"

Austin said calmly.

"All bark, no bite! What a brag!"

Hudson replied in rage.

Austin sneered. This time, his hands and feet slowly glowed like a firefly. His body began to expand, while abundant vital energy rushed out of his body wildly, forming a sea of vital energy and blood.

In less than a single breath, Austin's body had a height of more than a hundred feet. In an instant, he was terribly huge, like a tall volcano.

This was the embryonic form of the Arhat Golden Body.

Of course, Austin had not fully mastered this skill yet.

Therefore, only a part of the skill could be performed.

Austin reckoned that he still needed to practice the Immortal Body Refining Formula so that he could have the chance to obtain this kind of powerful bodily skill completely.

However, Austin did not have many superior herbs with him in that moment, and it would not be enough even he had some semi-omnipotent herbs. So he had to wait until he had collected all the materials he needed before he could start his cultivation.

All the people present were stunned when they saw Austin's amazing performance.

They all gasped with astonishment.

All the eyes were fixed on the giant Austin who was more than a hundred feet tall in the field.

At first hindsight, they thought that Austin transformed himself to a giant using the power of his vital energy. However, the people realized that instead of vital energy, Austin actually changed his physical body. He changed himself into a demonic beast with astonishing bloodbath powers and physical strength.

"Oh my god! Is this the legendary Omnipotent Bodily Skill?"

"Yes, I heard that Austin had already mastered some of the Omnipotent Bodily Skill back when he was in the East Mainland. It is unbelievable that his physical strength has become so strong!"

"It is said that the Omnipotent Bodily Skill is more powerful than the Omnipotent Vital Energy Skill."

The passersby speculated with shock as they talked to each other.

Many students, especially those from the East Mainland, had already seen Austin's physical strength, but they were still shocked to see him become more than a hundred feet tall on the field

ng Stale.

Then, he turned into a ray of shocking light carrying a fierce vital energy force. He rushed in front of Austin in an instant!

For Ragnar, Hudson's defeat had brought humiliation to the Universe Sect.

He thought if he did not maximize the fastest speed or the most powerful skill he knew to pound and kill Austin, everyone would treat the Universe Sect as a joke from then.

"Woo! Woo!"

Suddenly, strange and eerie laughter echoed as if it came from hell. Then, a strong smell of death suddenly spread, and a huge shadow of a skeleton appeared on Ragnar's body.

The lights in the field suddenly began to dim.

Behind Ragnar, a world of the hell appeared!

There were eighteen floors in the huge inferno.

Every circle and floor of the hell was full of darkness. The people could see ghost workers punishing the evil spirits who had committed unforgivable crimes when they were alive through cruel tortures.

Demons were cawing their tongues, gouging their eyes, excavating their hearts and torturing their souls.

"Woo! Woo!

You are a sinner, and you should be punished!"

the huge shadow of skeleton behind Ragnar said to Austin with a crooked smile.

Black shadows and sound waves immediately covered Austin.

The sound went straight to the depths of his soul. It had the power to bewitch and attack the spiritual soul!

"Oh my god! Legend has it that Ragnar had obtained the Hell Scripture in a secret land.

To my surprise, the rumors are true!

It is said that the Hell Scripture was left behind by an omnipotent master in the remote ancient times!"

someone exclaimed.

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