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   Chapter 2106 The Battle With Hudson

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"So you are Austin!" It seemed that several principal disciples of the Universe Sect couldn't believe that the young man in front of them right now was Austin.

They all looked at him carefully.

'Is this ordinary-looking guy really Austin? Is he the one who caused sensations in the entire Blue Dragon School recently by going against the Universe Sect?' All of them had the same thought in their minds.

Giles also looked at Austin with his sharp eyes.

"Where are Ted and the others?" he shouted harshly when he remembered something.

"Oh, those rubbish from your Universe Sect? I beat them up. They are probably still in a coma right now," answered Austin.

There was a faint smile on his lips.

"You should be grateful that we all belong to the Blue Dragon School. If not, I would have already killed them all today," he added.

Austin was actually telling the truth.

He didn't kill those members of the Universe Sect. However, they all had broken limbs. Even the three powerful ones didn't escape Austin's beatings.

Although those disciples could still recover and go back to their original shapes using the resources and methods of the Blue Dragon School, the healing process would be extremely painful to them.

"All of them are in a coma?!" All the members of the Universe Sect were surprised.

At the same time, they were all confused. How could this ordinary-looking young man beat all their members especially the powerful ones?

But soon, they also realized that Austin must be telling the truth.

After all, none of their members of the Universe Sect had come back even when Austin directly rushed to their headquarters.

"Well, well, well...You are indeed very good, Austin!"

Giles clapped his hand as if applauding Austin's accomplishment.

"I didn't expect that even our three powerful disciples can't defeat you. We have to admit, you are no doubt a very talented disciple."

Giles then looked around the headquarters of the Universe Sect.

The place was totally ruined. It was worse than being hit by a storm.

Suddenly, his gaze became colder. He was furious to the core.

"But don't you think that coming over here is a bit too much? You are just a little boy, Austin. Don't be foolish to fight against the Universe Sect," said Giles slowly

Immortal Body Refining Formula.

His body was now equivalent to a high level magic treasure.

In short, Austin could have a head-on fight with any ordinary magic treasures. He was only no match to the ultimate magical treasure.

And with the fact that Hudson's force had left a little white spot on his fist, one could only imagine how tremendous the power of his attack was.

If this happened to other cultivators at the Major-perfection Realm, they would have been already dead or disabled.

Hudson kept on flicking his fingers with great indignation and rushed towards Austin like a heavy downpour. The shrill whistling of wind blew throughout the sky.

Austin stretched his arm to resist Hudson's attacks with his fingers.

Hudson was indeed a very powerful cultivator. As he continued to flick his fingers in succession, glowing sharp jades flashed out of his ten fingertips. As he constantly released his energy, the sharp jades became more and more dazzling.

If one would look at his fingers, they looked like he was only playing a lute. However, his fingers were radiating dazzling lights. Hudson's movement was also flawless like a mercury flowing to the ground.

Each flick had a strong penetrating power accompanied by a faint sound of thunder. It also carried the weight of raging wind and lightning.

His energy was radiating like twinkling stars and then came down like a meteor shower.

Gradually, he was able to unleash all of his power. Obviously, his condition was getting better the more he fought.

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