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   Chapter 2105 The Power Of Austin's Roar

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"Giles, don't underestimate Austin. That guy is really good. Many seeded disciples among the new students of the four major schools are no match for him," said Larry with a frown.

As he thought about how Austin had defeated the ten young evil creatures in the Astral World, Larry felt uncertain if the three masters of the Universe Sect could finish Austin off.

Belinda also had the same thought.

Austin's excellent performance had already cast a dark shadow over her ever since from the East Mainland until the Blue Dragon School.

Hudson Gu who ranked fifteenth on the Power Ranking Stela burst into laughter.

He was still unconvinced of Austin's ability.

"Don't worry about it, Larry. Even if that Austin is more powerful than all the new students of the four major schools, it doesn't mean anything to me," he said.

His voice was full of assurance.

"Humph! Let me tell you frankly. Those new students are just losers when compared to us. Even those seeded disciples among them still have to treat us with utmost respect. Austin is just a nobody!"

Hudson Gu was so confident that he could deal with Austin easily.

"He is right," Ragnar Chang butted in.

He was also a master at the Universe Sect. He ranked twelfth on the Power Ranking Stela.

"Rest assured, Larry. You know that anyone who offends any of our members can never get away from us. He will surely die!"

His eyes emitted a horrible killing intent.

"Yes, you are right. Austin is doomed. He will die this time!" responded Larry.

He had come to realize that the masters made sense. 'Austin is just a nobody. Why would I be troubled?'

This time, Larry felt relieved as he thought of Austin's death.

"Hump! That bastard deserves to die. How I wish he dies in my hands!" said Belinda.

There was a gloating look in her eyes.

She then turned and looked at Larry next to her tenderly. She felt glad that she had found someone that could have her back in the Blue Dragon School.

Ever since she got into a relationship with Larry, no one from school had dared to give her a hard time. They didn't want to offend Larry and the Universe Sect.

At that moment, a golden light shot forward and stopped outside the headquarters of the Universe Sect.

It was Austin.

He paid the headquarters of the Universe Sect a surprise visit.

"The Universe Sect is indeed a powerful force in the

g up to him."

"Austin is indeed amazing!"

The students and the followers of the Blue Dragon School couldn't help expressing their thoughts. Austin did something amazing yet terrifying.

Meanwhile, it was very quiet inside the headquarters of the Universe Sect.

People inside the headquarters had no idea what was going on outside of their gate.

But a few moments later, someone informed them about the current situation outside.

"What? How dare him!"

"How audacious!"

"Damn it! Who is that person?"

"He really has the nerve to create trouble here?"

People outside the gate could hear the curses and shouts of people inside the headquarters.

Then a group of powerful figures flew out.

In just a short while, a few hundred people were already floating above the headquarters of Universe Sect.

The Universe Sect was known to be a powerful force in the Blue Dragon School because it had lots of members.

It was said that more than two hundred of its members stayed in the headquarters all year round.

All the members of the Universe Sect floating above the headquarters laid their eyes on a young man who was standing in front of the gate.

Larry and Belinda immediately recognized who he was.

"It's him!"


Larry and Belinda exclaimed respectively. Utmost surprise was all over their faces.

"So, that's Austin Lin?" asked the several strong members of the Universe Sect beside Larry.

Their eyes narrowed as they stared at Austin with great killing intent. He wanted to destroy their Universe Sect? They would surely give him a hard time.

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