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   Chapter 2104 Strike Back

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At that very moment, everyone gazed up and stared at the slender figure in the sky.

All of them were slightly petrified to see him defeat the three top fighters and dozens of members of the Universe Sect all by himself.

Moreover, the battle did not even last long. In just a short time, he floated victorious in the air.

Anyone could tell that Austin did not take the battle seriously and even fought with just a portion of his real strength.

Around them, on the ground in the distance, most of the members of the Universe Sect laid unconscious.

Few of them were able to stay conscious, even the slightest.

Luckily for them, they were in the Blue Dragon School, so Austin didn't kill them.

They might have been severely injured but still fortunate enough to keep themselves alive.

Otherwise, with Austin's habits, no one among these warriors could survive.

At this moment, Austin gazed into the sky, not far away, where heavy dark clouds fell instantaneously.

As the thunder stopped, a beautiful figure materialized in the air while emitting a robust vital energy force.

It was Stacy.

She survived the Thunderstroke Doom while Austin defeated all the members of the Universe Sect.


A delicate fragrance of a virgin filled Austin's nose as Stacy flashed before him.

Stacy's cultivation base was at the preliminary stage of Major-perfection Realm––now both of them were at the Major-perfection Realm!

After she came out of the Fallen Immortal World, Stacy had already broken through to the premium stage of Minor-perfection Realm.

And this time, she broke through to the preliminary stage of Major-perfection Realm.

Major-perfection Realm was equivalent to the strength of the ordinary elders and stewards in the three holy lands and three clans in the East Mainland.

"Congratulations! You have made a breakthrough!"

Austin greeted with a smile.

"Stacy, you made it!"

Kimberly came over and acknowledged cheerfully.

"Thank you so much for being my guardian!"

Stacy replied, smiling.

"Don't thank me. I was just watching in the corner. It's Austin who was really guarding you."

Kimberly stared at Austin with her bright eyes, still somewhat appalled.

He just defeated the two strongest warriors and a large number of ordinary disciples

rs of the Universe Sect, claiming that he will level it!"

"Let's go! Hurry! You don't want to miss it!"

After a few seconds, all the disciples and followers around regained their consciousness.

They hurried to the headquarters of the Universe Sect, hoping to witness the event, which would undoubtedly impact the entire Blue Dragon School.

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the Universe Sect...

The meeting hall was flocked with important people.

More than ten principal members, along with Larry and Belinda, all sat in for a very crucial meeting.

Now that Larry and Belinda were a couple, it was natural for them to go anywhere together.

In the center of the hall sat Giles, who ranked the eleventh.

The ones who sat next to him were Ragnar and Hudson, who ranked the twelfth and the fifteenth, respectively.

The three were the strongest principal members in the headquarters of the Universe Sect.

Among all the disciples in the Universe Sect, there were also some other stronger ones. However, none would show themselves so easily, and no one knew where they were exactly.

Now, Giles, Ragnar, and Hudson were in charge of the Universe Sect.

"Ha-ha! Don't worry. This time, I have sent Barney, Ted, and Shaun to hunt him down. The young man named Austin will be dead for sure.

From now on, you won't see that brat again anymore!"

Giles announced to everyone present in the hall, his laughter echoed in the entire room. Obviously, he was very confident that this time, Austin would surely be dead as hell.

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