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   Chapter 2103 Fighting Two Masters

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Most of the disciples around them believed that there was no way Austin could beat Abell.

And when Abell heard the other disciples' compliments about him, he, of course, became more confident of himself.

Now that he was in a sea of raging magma, Abell's power was only getting stronger and stronger with every passing minute.

"Young man, in your next life, you should learn to keep a low profile."

A cruel smile appeared on Abell's face.

Then, all of a sudden, a deafening sound resounded in the air.


In the sea of magma beside him, an enormous scarlet fist suddenly burst out.

The fist was made of boiling magma with a horribly high temperature. It rushed towards Austin with immense energy.

With just one blow of the magma fist, the surrounding magma came in waves and splashed in all directions.

"Ah, it burns!"

"It's too hot! I can't bear it!"

"My clothes are on fire!"

Even the disciples and followers who were merely enjoying the show a few kilometers away from the actual fight were affected by the impact. In fact, some of the weaker cultivators even sustained some minor injuries.

Naturally, the crowd was taken aback.

Abell ranked twenty-eighth, and he really lived up to his reputation through his performance.

The fist was so powerful that most of the first level and second level disciples of the Blue Dragon School wouldn't have even been able to withstand it.

Then, Austin sneered as he looked at the magma fist flying towards him at an immense speed.

"Such a trivia skill,"

Austin said calmly.

While the cultivation method that Abell practiced was obviously masculine, it was still nothing compared to Austin's Golden Sun Scripture. After all, the Golden Sun Scripture that Austin himself practiced was the most masculine martial arts skill in the entire world.

For this reason, the heat and magma sea were no more than child's play for Austin.

Then, it was Austin's turn to make a move.


A bright red light flashed and disappeared in a matter of milliseconds.

And in the next moment, a figure engulfed by the bright red light suddenly clashed with the giant magma fist at a lightning fast speed.


With a deafening sound, the giant fist was blasted to pieces by the force of the impact. Now, burning magma was scattered all over the sky.

In the next second, the red light flashed once more and appeared in front of Abell at a lightning-fast speed.

"What-? How is this possible?" Abell exclaimed in surprise.

At that moment, he finally realized that the power the young man possessed was way beyond his imagination.


umph! Even if all of the members of the Universe Sect go up against me, it still will not be strong enough to defeat me, let alone you two!"

Austin sneered.


Up in the air, the red light became more dazzling. So much so that the people were rendered unable to open their eyes.

Then, an incomparably huge shadow of the red demonic mouse appeared in the void.

And an earth breaking gush of an ancient, primitive, desolate breath filled the space.

Then, he dashed towards the two men with enormous momentum.

The two men were taken aback by the scene, but they didn't dare to hold anything back and began to use their most powerful martial arts skills.


With a deafening sound, the fierce battle broke out.

The red light shone in the sky, and tremendous energy erupted as the three people moved at lightning-fast speeds.

However, the fierce battle only lasted two or three rounds.

"No way!"


Everyone heard a terrible scream.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Two figures were thrown into the air.

The two men from the Universe Sect were thrown into the air like two kites that had lost control.

"And you!

All of the people from the Universe Sect will feel my wrath today!"

Austin snapped.

And on cue, the red light flashed, and huge waves of red vital energy force rushed out towards all directions.


Then a series of screams filled the air.

Many figures were tossed away.

As the members of the Universe Sect were hit by the terrible red vital energy force wave, all of them were seriously injured. And as they fell to the ground far away from where they had been standing, crackling sounds resounded in the air.

When the noise died down, silence fell on the field.

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