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   Chapter 2102 I'll Take Care Of Everything

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"Shut up!"

Stacy yelled at the top of her lungs. Her fists were clenched so tightly that she was shaking and her patience for insults had long run out.

Her personality was very aloof and cold, and now she cultivated cultivation method related to ice and snow. It was reflected in her and she became even more aloof and colder. She just couldn't bear such insult.

"Stacy, that's all I want to say. You have to seize the opportunity for yourself.

You have to know. If I wanted, all I would have to do is wave my hand and hundreds of female disciples in this Blue Dragon School will be at my side.

What's more, my patience is limited,"

Shaun snapped as his face became cold. He was trying to bribe and threaten her at the same time.

Before Stacy could retort, another voice chimed in, "A toad that craves a swan's flesh? Maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror first!

You're so sissy and weak. I don't know where you found the balls to provoke Miss Stacy."

As the voice full of sarcasm stopped, Shaun began searching for the source of the voice.

His eyes turned to the void but he couldn't see anyone.

'Yes! He's finally here, '

Stacy thought, relaxing with a huge sigh.

It only took her a moment to recognize that the voice belonged to Austin.

"Who's talking?

You're brave to speak to me like that!

Show your face!"

Shaun yelled, continuing to look all around him.

He not only was one of the senior leaders in the Universe Sect, but also ranked the top 20 on the Power Ranking Stela.

In this Blue Dragon School, he was used to being treated with respect from the vast majority of first and second level students. They knew better than to cross him.

Whoever was speaking was about to be taught a violent lesson. No one dared to contradict him or even satirize him like this.


Suddenly, a faint figure materialized next to the three cultivators. Smiling, he flicked his sleeve and soft vital energy immediately wrapped the maiden in a green dress and brought her back. She landed next to Stacy.

"Here I am. So what are you going to do now?" the figure asked.

He was nobody else but Austin.

Shocked, Shaun stared

where, crimson magma burst into the void like a sea.

In a split second, Abell Liu was standing in a sea made of monstrous hot lava. The lava flowed through his body continuously, making him look like a god.

With his body as the center, waves of vital energy force rushed out of his body towards every direction. Some nearby members of the Universe Sect who were close to him were attacked by the force, fell and were trapped in chaos.

Even though the rest of the disciples watching were far away, they were still afraid of Abell Liu and his formidable vital energy force.

A cultivator's combat effectiveness was in direct proportion to his vital energy force pressure.

"Abell is so terrifying. I couldn't even stand in front of him, let alone fight him."

"Yes, Abell is ranked 28th on the Power Ranking Stela. Of course, he is not a bragger.

Although I have heard that Austin is also very powerful, I bet he will still lose."

"Yes, you are right. Abell is an experienced and skilled disciple who has practiced a hundred years in our school.

Austin may be skilled and defeated all the new disciples, but he won't reign victorious this time."

"Well, this time, Austin poked the bear.

As far as I'm concerned, the Universe Sect has always been the most terrifying organization in our Blue Dragon School. How could a young man like him dare to challenge them?"

The surrounding warriors began gossiping as they watched the fight unfolding.

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