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   Chapter 2101 Three Masters Of The Universe Sect

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"Behave yourself, sir! Leave her alone!" Stacy angrily requested with arched eyebrows.

However, the men were in no mood to listen.

"Hah! You're a newcomer! Why would we listen to you?

Don't flatter yourself,"

one of the men sneered at her in response.

"He is right. You little bitch, you don't deserve our respect. You need to be taught a lesson."

"Damn it! These women from the East Mainland are so beautiful; they get to me at first sight!"

Hearing this unscrupulous and inappropriate remark, the other members of the Universe Sect began to laugh wildly. Some of them even began making nasty remarks about Stacy.

The Universe Sect was an influential organization in the Blue Dragon School.

Its members were used to acting in an arrogant, domineering manner and not being punished for such insolent behavior. They often bullied other students.

Most of the students couldn't afford to mess with the Universe Sect directly, let alone in revenge. Even if they were bullied by its members, they could only swallow their anger and move on, trying to forget whatever happened.

Due to this trend, the members of the Universe Sect had gradually developed an aggressive, overbearing character.

"You guys from the Universe Sect are stirring up trouble for no reason at all. What the hell do you want?"

Stacy roared.

She knew she was no match for these people from the Universe Sect and she would have to play along.

She could tell by the immense vital energy force the three men in front of the group were releasing that they were incredibly powerful.

Therefore, she didn't make a move. She was trying to buy herself more time so that help could show up.

The good thing was, one of her followers had managed to flee and turn to Austin for help.

She believed that she was going to be fine as long as he came to her aid.

"Girl, let me be honest with you. We are members of the Universe Sect and we can go anywhere we want in the school. We don't need your permission to be here and we do whatever the hell we want," a young man in black robe, s

ho I am, which is why you got angry.

I guess you won't be so if you know my name.

I'm Shaun Linghu. People call me Gentleman In White in the school.

And I rank twentieth on the Power Ranking Stela,"

the young man in white confidently introduced himself.

Hearing that, Stacy was shocked. No matter how bad his manners, he was still powerful if what he said was true.

'There are at least a few thousand first-level and second-level students in the school.

And this guy is ranked twentieth, which is better than almost everyone.

He must be extremely strong.

Austin defeated Kenneth, who was ranked 42nd on the Power Ranking Stela.

Going by those rankings, this guy is much stronger than Kenneth.

Even Kenneth won't be a match for him. I do hope Austin knows what he is doing!'

Stacy was slightly worried now.

"What's your choice, Stacy?

Don't worry. As long as you accept me, I will give you all the resources and things you want. Till eternity.

And not a single person in this school would dare to cross me and therefore, won't offend you if you're with me. You will be able to do anything you want and no one will even bat an eyelid,"

Shaun Linghu continued.

Stacy was one of the most famous and beautiful girls in the East Mainland.

She was also aloof and like a stone-cold princess by nature, which made Shaun attracted to her more.

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