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   Chapter 2100 It's The Universe Sect Again!

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About half an hour later, the dark clouds finally dissipated and the sky became clear once again.

Austin clenched his fists softly, and a wave of vital energy force gushed out silently from his body.

"Huh! Seems like I have reached the medium stage of Major-perfection Realm.

I am looking forward to the day I make a breakthrough to the Heavenly Grotto Realm,"

Austin said to himself quietly, as if he was casually mentioning buying a lollipop.

The Heavenly Grotto Realm was one level above the Major-perfection Realm, and he was on the medium stage of the latter.

However, it was quite a bit of a leap for a cultivator to reach the Heavenly Grotto Realm from the Major-perfection Realm.

They would need to create actual grottoes inside their bodies, which would lead to the formation of an extra elixir field with every single grotto they created.

The number of grottoes a cultivator could create dictated his strength after reaching the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

When two cultivators were both at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, it did not imply that their combat power would be the same.

Whoever had more grottoes was more powerful.

The number also dictated the quality of the vital energy force inside their bodies.

Austin decided that since he was still on the medium stage of Major-perfection Realm, he would wait for now. Once he reached the premium stage, he would begin creating grottoes and try to make a breakthrough soon.

"I wonder how many grottoes I could create."

Austin had great expectations on himself.


Just then, the thunder unicorn came back to Austin with a loud roar.

The creature, in appearance, was about five or six meters long and more than ten meters high. At the moment, it was shrouded in endless amounts of dazzling thunder radiance and a crackling sound was coming out of it. The sound was a bit weird, but still very divine.

Hundreds of meters around it, flashes of lightning in the shape of snakes would flash from time to time.

As it drew near, Austin felt its aura and was satisfied with the result.

Using his spiritual sense, he immediately ordered the thunder unicorn to return to his elixir field.

Twelve hours later, a pleasant voice of a woman rang out in the cave where Kimberly was cultivating. But its effects were transient.

The very next moment, a loud bang also burst out!

The door of the cave was thrown open with a mighty force and a figure with boiling vital energy force


"It seems like he is really furious."

Kimberly stared at the man's receding figure, dumbfounded at the sudden anger.

"Never mind! It looks like the Universe Sect is going to suffer a lot this time!

Let's follow him!"

Kimberly told the girl in pink. Then, with a flash, she used her bodily movement skill as well and rushed to Stacy's place.

At the moment, Stacy was having a rough time.

"Hey, you! Over there! Watch yourself! Let go of Evelyn!"

Stacy shouted angrily. Her pretty face looked grim and cold.

Dozens of disciples had surrounded her place. They all looked terrifying and evil.

Also, three young men with extremely powerful auras had crossed their arms on their chests, and were looking at Stacy with a sneer.

Every single of them was from the Universe Sect.

The three men were especially famous in their sect and well-known for their ruthless power.

Next to them was a girl in a green dress, about seventeen or eighteen years old. Her clothes were tattered and her face had gone pale. It also liked she had been hurt.

She was Evelyn, another one of Stacy's followers.

But her vital energy force had been sealed by the warriors and she couldn't move at all.

"Ha ha, this little girl is just a follower of yours. She seems so humble and ignorant. How dare she yelled at us just now?

She showed disrespect to us. She didn't watch her manners; why should we?

And, she is just an insignificant follower after all. It will be no big deal if I kill her.

But she also looks pretty. I've decided to take her home and teach her a lesson in my room,"

one of the three men remarked with a grin.

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