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   Chapter 2099 Going Through The Thunderstroke Doom

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After Larry took his leave, the disciples from even the most powerful sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land merely looked at Austin in a cold and gloomy manner. However, a glare was as much hostility as he faced; no one dared to provoke him into a battle.

Every single disciple of the three holy lands and the prominent clans stayed far away from him, afraid that they would land themselves in a big pot of trouble.

Austin glanced curiously at the silently standing students from the East Mainland. 'They must have recognized me, ' he thought.

That meant there was no reason for Austin to hide his identity any longer.

He stopped using the Aura Disguising Skill and slowly, his real face morphed into appearance, gradually fading over the disguise.

"Is that what you really look like?"

Kimberly asked as she studied his real face with interest.

Some other students standing nearby also turned to look at him with a curious gaze.

Also, as soon as he dropped his disguise, about a dozen students came over and greeted him.

"Austin! It's really you!

We didn't dare come over and ask. We were afraid we might have gotten the wrong person," one of them gushed.

Two of them were direct disciples of the Flame Holy Land, while the others were members of various forces who had allied themselves with the Flame Holy Land.

Austin greeted them back with a smile.

He had made his decision; he was going to stay at the Blue Dragon School without any disguise from now on.

On the ship, five stewards of the Blue Dragon School had been watching the scene with a great vested interest in it ever since Larry and Belinda had provoked Austin, but they hadn't interfered yet.

Competitions and duels among the students were allowed in the four martial arts schools. The upper management of the schools obviously did not meddle in such trifles. There was one more thing.

The schools believed that such fierce competition would cause their students to improve and make breakthroughs.

The two elders who were in charge of the trial from the Blue Dragon School weren't present on the ship, and had no idea what was going on.

The seven great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm who had taken the students on a trip through the Astral World were still in there.

They were busy discussing how to deal with the broken space barrier in the Forsaken Secret Land. It was an urgent matter they needed to solve before returning home.

The Space barrier played an important role in guarding the creatures of this world. Once breached, all sorts of monsters and creatures from other worlds could come through and wreak havoc all over the planet. Hence, the mission came first.


of lightning into its mouth.

Austin, on the other hand, was gracefully floating in the air with his hands behind his back and his clothes flying in the wind. As the beast went around doing its job, he smiled and looked up at the thunder unicorn in admiration.

This thunder unicorn was actually a part of Austin now. So the thunder unicorn managing to get through the Thunderstroke Doom without any harm befalling it meant that Austin himself had successfully gone through the Thunderstroke Doom.

"Good! The thunder unicorn will be another one of my trump cards from now on!"

Austin murmured, staring at the gigantic beast giving off an enormous aura of thunder and lightning energy.

Meanwhile, three people were watching the scene proceed in the air with shock from the mountain below him.

Their jaws were hanging open in astonishment.

They were followers of Kimberly and had never seen such a sight before.

"Is that the legendary thunder unicorn?

Whoa! This is the first time I've ever seen someone experience the Thunderstroke Doom as easily as this. He makes it look like a piece of cake,"

the male follower remarked in disbelief.

The other two female followers were completely dumbfounded and unable to utter a single word.

Their companion was right. Going through the Thunderstroke Doom meant that the cultivators would have to fight the lightning on their own. It was not an easy task to make it through to the other side.

Hundreds of cultivators had even died right in the middle of the Thunderstroke Doom.

But here was Austin, floating majestically in the air with his hands behind his back as if he was casually taking a stroll. He looked like the Thunderstroke Doom had nothing to do with him.

No wonder the three followers of Kimberly were so shocked.

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