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   Chapter 2096 Leaving The Astral World

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After those threatening words that the evil creature had said towards Austin, no other sound was heard from the other side of the space crack again.

All the evil creatures of the Evil Abyss World had probably withdrawn completely.

The space crack had also self-repaired. It had gotten smaller and smaller.

The people of the Immortal End World had already known that the space barrier was very weak since then, so they would surely find a way to make it stronger. They needed to set heavy protective measures to prevent the space barrier from being destroyed again.

It was possible that this place would become a strategic position of the Immortal End World in the future.

So the evil creatures of the Evil Abyss World were also aware that it would be difficult for them to enter the Immortal End World through this place again.

"All right, everyone. Those monsters are gone. The barrier here will also slowly repair by itself. We are safe for the time being," said Anderson to the crowd in a clear voice.

Everyone cheered after Anderson had spoken.

Even those in the warships near them also cheered in great joy.

For them, they all had the reason to celebrate.

After all, it was only their first encounter with the evil creatures from the other world but they had thoroughly thwarted their invasion scheme and crushed their confidence.

They felt victorious especially during the time when Martin killed the seven young evil creatures successively. What he had done was still fresh in their memories.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

While the people of the Divine Continent were celebrating, a sudden loud roar was heard from the sky far away.

When everyone turned to look at the direction where the loud sound came from, they were all surprised. Eight giant warships were approaching them.

The eight warships were so huge that they took up a whole lot of space.

Ripples were formed on the body of every warship. Each of them was shrouded by mysterious ancient energy runes. They were all emitting an extremely terrifying law power.

As the eight giant warships were approaching them, everyone suddenly felt nervous. It was as if they were about to face eight powerful beasts.

"Don't worry. They are the people from the eight heavens," said Anderson.

His eyes were fixed at the eight large warships.

"The eight heavens?" exclaim

old man came to them.

"Come on, you two! Why do you always fight every time you see each other?" he asked.

He then looked at Anderson and said something.

"From now on, this place will be the key garrison of our Immortal End World. This place will be a restricted area so no one will be allowed to come near here. That's why Anderson, you may now pull out your men,"

the ordinary-looking old man spoke slowly.

Among all the great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm, this old man was the only one who had a flat and steady aura.

The rest of them were emanating a terrifying aura.

However, all the great masters looked at him with awe and fear.

"All right," agreed Anderson.

Although he was upset, he couldn't object for now. He knew that the people of the Divine Continent were too weak compared to these people.

After all, there was nothing much they could do here.

It was only right to let the really powerful cultivators stand guard and protect the safety of this area.

"All the cultivators of the Divine Continent, let's go!" said Anderson loudly.

Everyone followed and boarded their warship.

Austin, Caroline, and Violet also went back to the respective warships of their schools.

Soon enough, large groups of warships from the Divine Continent left and headed back to where they had come from.

As the warships of the Divine Continent left the Astral World, they were transferred back to the boundless sky of the Divine Continent.

All the warships were now steaming towards the Divine Continent from the outer space.

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