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   Chapter 2095 Argument Over The Diabolic Killing Needle

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10039

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"We won!"

"Well done, Martin!"

At this moment, all the human cultivators got really excited. They couldn't help cheering loudly.

"Ha-ha! You evil clowns! How dare you insult us? You had it coming!"

"Now you know who the real weaklings are!"

'You, evil creatures from the other world humiliated us by calling us weaklings. You didn't show any respect to us!

However, our cultivator just killed ten of your young evil creatures. This only proves that you are wrong. We are not the weak ones!'

Everyone felt that they were able to vent their anger when they saw Austin slayed the seven evil creatures in his own.

"Young man, what secret skill did you just use? How were you able to emit an aura so close to ours?" an evil creature from the Evil Abyss World questioned Austin.

Austin was wondering why this evil creature was interested in his skill.

"That's none of your business," he sneered.

However, the evil creature was really persistent.

"Did you practice some of our secret techniques?" asked the evil creature again.

Austin didn't answer this time either.

When Anderson noticed the conversation between Austin and the evil creature, he reached Austin in a flash and stood beside him.

"Cut the crap, you evil clown! You've lost, just live with it," said Anderson coldly.

"The game is over. You just get out of our place right now! Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude."

There was a hint of anger in Anderson's voice this time.

He was also worried about Austin.

The other evil creatures might come to rescue the evil creatures that were here right now. He was afraid that they would hurt Austin.

He knew that Austin was a good and strong cultivator. He even killed many young evil creatures earlier. However, he didn't think that Austin could match those older ones.

However, the evil creature seemed not to hear Anderson's words.

"Young man, the iron needle that your demonic avatar used just now belongs to our race. Give it back to me," said the evil creature again.

"Are you kidding me? It's my magic treasure. Why should I give it to you?" retorted Austin with a sneer.

He knew that the evil creature was referring to the Diabolic Killing Needle.

This needle was known to be incredibly powerful. Since Austin had gotten it already, of course he would never return it to the evil creature. This needle was one of his trump cards.

"Humph! Human boy, you'd better think it over. If you refuse to return our magic treasure now, we will definitely not stop pestering you. We will chase you until death,"

the evil creature threatened Austin.

However, what the evil creature did anger Anderson.

"Are you trying to intimidate our young cultivator?" he shouted angrily.

"Huh! If you keep acting like that, for sure I will be the one to kill you!"

The evil creature still didn't want to give up.

"This human lad has our magic treasure. Please, just let him give it back to us. Otherwise,

incredibly sensitive to everything around him.

Earlier, he had seen how Austin's demonic avatar used the evil needle to absorb the seven young evil creatures of the other world.

So now, he knew what Austin was up to.

"Thank you so much, sir!"

Austin couldn't hide the joy on his face.

He knew that it was impossible for these evil creatures of the other world to escape from the seven great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

The seven powerful masters launched their attacks simultaneously. As Austin expected, the battle lasted for only a few seconds.

"Young man, here's your request!"

With a wave of Anderson's hand, over four hundred dying evil creatures floated in front of Austin.

Needless to say, these evil creatures had all been badly injured.

Austin transferred all the evil creatures into the Slave Tower through his mind.

His demonic avatar then entered the tower too. It took out the evil needle and absorbed all the evil creatures in a moment.

When Austin checked, he found out that the evil needle now possessed a shocking amount of evil energy.

At the same time, the power of his demonic avatar also increased at least a dozen times.

'Can my demonic avatar now match a master at the Heavenly Grotto Realm?' wondered Austin inside.

He was very satisfied with the result after the evil needle had absorbed all the young evil creatures.

Suddenly, an angry roar was heard from the other side of the space crack.

"Humph! You despicable weaklings from the Immortal End World! You just wait and see. We will definitely come back soon with our troops. When that day comes, we will completely destroy your world!"

Afterwards, the evil creature withdrew the huge black dragon before he spoke again.

"And you, human boy. We will not spare you. I assure you, you will end up dying miserably!"

Austin heard what the evil creature had said.

Although the voice was full of enmity, Austin didn't feel scared even a bit.

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