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   Chapter 2094 Kill Them All

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Laughing maniacally, Austin raised his head towards the sky and strips of golden lightning flashed back and forth between his eyebrows.

The lightning picked up its speed and swirled to form into a slender golden eye.

When it peeked open, a golden light shone from it, illuminating Austin's face. It rolled around in its socket, looking at everything around it.

Like a whirlpool, the light, air, and ground started to distort and spin. There was a force in the eye that pulled it all to it like a magnetic.

Once it had all been sucked in, the glowing light disappeared and darkness was cast over the surrounding space.

It was so dark that no one could see their hands in front of their faces.

Reality was replaced with darkness, deathly silence, and coldness. Everyone tried to use their spiritual sense to make sense of what was happening but even that was blocked.

In the distance, the only visible thing was a tiny, golden eye. Slowly, it began to look more solid and clear.

It floated in the air

and no one wanted to approach it.

Instead, they all stared at it with growing curiosity.

Even though it appeared bright, it couldn't have casted a deeper sense of dread into everyone's hearts.

There was something about it that was still calling them in but they were afraid that if they were to touch it, they would all die.

Austin had finally used his another kill shot: the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor!

Ever since he had acquired it, he had rarely used it or thought about it.

He had learned that the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor needed to be nourished with the blood essence. This process took a long period of time and the kill shot would not work properly unless they had fused completely.

Once the Eye and Austin truly became one, it would be immensely powerful.

However, he had not had a chance to fully fuse it, and he needed more time to nourish it.

Still, he believed the power it currently possessed was enough to kill the evil creatures he was faced with.


Damn it! What the hell is going on?"

"I can't see or feel anything. Only that stupid golden eye!"

"Retreat! We're going to be in troubl


They just couldn't wrap their heads around it.

For so many years, when the evil creatures of the Evil Abyss World had mentioned the Immortal End World, they all talked with distain and contempt as if they were talking about low and insignificant ants.

In front of the beings of the Immortal End World, they had a sense of confidence, pride, and superiority.

In ancient times, the army of the Evil Abyss World had united with several forces of different worlds and destroyed the Immortal End World, which was then known as the land of immortals.

They almost wiped out the Immortal End World at that time!

However, today was the opposite.

It was like a slap in their faces.

"How could this happen?

It's impossible. How could these low lives in the Immortal End World have such a powerful, young man?"

The creatures began to roar and protest, but Austin wasn't listening.

'Yes. After absorbing the bodies and spiritual souls of the seven evil creatures, the Diabolic Killing Needle is more powerful.

I'll have to find a way to absorb more evil creatures, '

Austin thought.

More and more evil creatures? The thought had barely left his mind when he knew the answer.

His heart stopped in his chest as he looked at the large group of evil creatures shrouded in the black fog right in front of him.

There were plenty of evil creatures right within his grasp.

Thinking of this, Austin's eyes lit up.

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