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Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8003

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"What's going on? Are all seven of them going to fight against Austin at the same time?

You clowns are so shameless! Shame on you!"

"You devils from the other world! Where's your arrogance from before?

Are you planning to win through your strength in numbers?"

The area of the Immortal End World grew restless. Shouts of protests could be heard from all directions.

It was easy to see that everyone in the crowd was worried. Although Martin was very powerful, these young, evil creatures from the foreign region were not to be taken for granted.

If they fought one-on-one, they believed there was a high possibility that Martin would win the match. However, if since there were now seven enemies in front of him, it was difficult to say what the outcome would be.

The side of the Immortal End World was in an uproar.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the battle ring, the warriors from the Evil Abyss World were surprisingly silent.

The seven young evil creatures didn't say anything when they came out. They formed a circle around Austin from afar, their eyes never leaving his still figure.

There was a strong and threatening aura rising up into the air.

The color of the clouds was changing rapidly, and a terrible pressure was brewing in the entire area. For this was certain -- a storm was about to come.

They understood well what their situation was at the moment. If they were able to kill the young human from the Immortal End world, they could wash away the humiliation Evil Abyss World had endured.

"Well, this is actually a good thing. It does save me a lot of time now that I don't have to wait to kill all of you one by one."

Austin sneered. Even though he was facing the seven creatures before him, there was a calm and relaxed look on his face, without the slightest ounce of nervousness.

Just then, the sound of a howl dominated over all the other noise present.

A young evil creature with a black wolf head roared in the sky, and his long and deep roar shook the entire area.

His body, which was much like a towering mountain, rushed forward with infinite momentum. It was like he was an unstoppable energy that was surging, causing the ground to shake at his wake.

The young creature now pinned Austin down with his colossal claws. Then, he raised one claw up, getting ready to tear Austin into shreds.

Still, Au

ue killing skills, mercilessly planning to kill this young man in front of them.

At this moment, there was an unimaginable amount of energy at the arena. The space collapsed and broke constantly, and the violent hurricane was blowing madly overhead.

The scene was absolutely terrifying.

The seven young evil creatures, all coming in at once for a vicious attack, were frightening.

Every young creature was an elite from the younger generation in the Evil Abyss World, and they were well-known and looked up to in that land.

Now, the seven young evil creatures had joined forces to attack one opponent at the same time. This had never happened in the Evil Abyss World.

If the news about these seven young elites of the younger generation had joined force to fight a young man of the Immortal End World, it would definitely be a sensation in the entire Evil Abyss World!

"What's going to happen? Did Martin bite more than he can chew?"

At this moment, all the spectators on the side of the Immortal End World, including the spectators from the older generation, were worried about Martin.

They were afraid that Martin would lose in this round.


Well, let's do this!

I'm going to kill all of you! You idiots!"

In the face of the joint attack of seven young evil creatures, Austin still did not show any amount of fear. In fact, he looked amused at the challenge presented to him. He raised his head high in the air and laughed with a murderous look. His black hair and clothes were fluttering in the air, looking like the very embodiment of death.

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