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   Chapter 2092 Mist Of Blood And Flesh (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9126

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After all, these spears were not just an ordinary weapon, since each of them was refined carefully by secret skills from the ancient time, possessing exceptional and unimaginable power. Anyone would have accepted their end after being targeted with these spears but not Austin.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Nine pieces of ancient stone tablets immediately appeared around Austin as soon as possible, and they instantly turned into nine huge stelas, radiating suppressing powers.

All of a sudden, the sky broke, and four huge golden balls with size of four average houses rushed out, circling around Austin in haste. He now stood completely surrounded with a surge of golden and brilliant light.

Moreover, five streaks of sword aura in different colors emerged and joined around the circle as well. They took advantage of the rules of five elements, giving off tremendous amount of energy as they formed a seamless barrier of power around Austin.

Austin's decision to use various powerful secret skills was made to protect himself from the countless black spears and to be able to fight back as soon as the offensive attack ended.

Finally, all the black spears reached Austin like locusts in pact.

As expected, Austin's secret skills blocked all of the black spears. As a matter of fact, many of them even broke as soon as they approached Austin.

However, there were still more and more black spears darting towards Austin. His protective barrier started to flinch in the face of every black spear that tried to penetrate. With every glare of dazzling black light and manifestation of mighty murderous intents, it was no doubt that these could still infiltrate the protective shield around Austin, successfully piercing him.

"Oh no! Was Martin stabbed?" "What the hell! What's going on?"

"Please tell me I only imagined that!"

Stunned at the unbelievable sight, many cultivators could not help but exclaim in pity and doubt.

All this was out of everyone's expectation for they all had high regards for Martin. 'Was Martin going to lose this fight today?' They all wondered in anticipation.

Another fits of wild laughter could be heard amidst the buzzing of the spears.

"You disgusting and shameless creatures from the Immortal End World, do you know now who the weak bastards are?"

The rest of the cultivators did not dare speak and kept their solemn expressions in silence. Meanwhile, rounds of applause and cheers were heard from the rest of the evil creatures from the Evil Abyss World.

The young evil creature smiled in satisfaction. He started to walk slowly toward Austin, ready to attack his final flow. However, Austin's body, which was pierced and injured by numerous black spears

ence now dominated the whole space as everyone, even the rest of the evil creatures, were still too shocked to make a noise.

The evil creatures wondered how this young human from the Immortal End World obtained such power. As soon as their senses returned to reality, the shock written on their faces were now replaced with fear.

Austin turned his attention back at the evil creatures. At this very moment, he stood extremely arrogant and domineering in front of them.

"Let me remind you all that I have offered to battle with you together, and yet, you refused.

What a waste of time killing you all one by one!" He remarked coldly.

His eyes narrowed into each one of them. The glint of his eyes was much colder than his tone.

After a moment of silence, one of the seven remaining young evil creatures from the other land stepped forward and replied in measured tone, completely breaking the silence.

"All of us here don't deny that you are really a powerful cultivator from the Immortal End World.

However, you are too arrogant, and this arrogance of yours will easily lead you to danger.

Moreover, since killing us one by one is such a waste of time, then as you wish, we will fight against you together."

Then, with their eyes full of rage, the seven young evil creatures all slowly walked towards Austin. The more steps they took towards him, the more tremendous their wicked aura grew.

The whole space started to tremble once more, but this time, it was far greater than before. The atmosphere in the field started to boil suddenly as if the whole place was set on fire.

Everyone's relief after Austin's killing of the young evil creature in white robe turned to fear. The rest of the young evil creatures indeed made up their mind to fight against Austin at the same time.

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