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   Chapter 2091 Mist Of Blood And Flesh (Part One)

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"I will kill you!" A cold voice rang out loud, making everyone turn.

Among the eight young evil creatures of the Evil Abyss World, a figure had stepped forward.

The evil creature's physical appearance very much resembled a human. Wearing a white robe, he stood quite tall and gave a lean stature. Every human being could even acknowledge its handsome face.

Every aspect of him was similar to that of a human being except for one thing. His body was covered and filled with weird grains like those in marbles—grains that looked like some sort of ancient symbol used for sacrificial rites, emitting tremendous wicked aura.

His eyes shone blue and uniquely sparkled, reminding everybody that he was of alien identity.

He stepped in the air and moved towards Austin in a measured gait. His expression was ice cold to the point that it looked like his eyes were ready to freeze anyone in place.

"You are too arrogant, young lad. You are just a weak creature from the Immortal End World, and coming here with such a rude attitude before us shows how stupid you really are," commented the evil creature in white robe with such a cold voice.

Austin chuckled at the creature, keeping a matching cold stare at the evil creature in white robe.

"Stupid? Weak? Who let you decide which world and creatures are inferior to others? Tell me.

But, well, all right, I think I'm in the position to teach you a lesson, and in the end, you will learn who really are the weaker creatures. What's more, you will understand it the exact second when I break your neck," sneered Austin at them with a shrug.

Then again, despite the violence in Austin's words, he still had to admit that the longer he stared at this creature in front of him, the more he realized how handsome he truly was with a strong and unique charm from a foreign land. His posture was extremely neat and seemed pure in his pearly white robe. Even his socks and shoes were bright white. Like an angel, nothing filthy stained him. His mere delicate appearance reminded Austin of a gentleman as clean and chaste as a pearl.

As for his eyes, the creature's pair of blue eyes shining like that of a jade was the most attractive thing about him and they sparkled with the blue stars in the heavens. All young girls would surely be fatall

ith deadly sharps. They flew in the air without stopping, turning the whole sky dark as their color.

As each spear drew closer to its target, it glittered with cold and bright light. Each spear began to dazzle and sparkle with the intent of horrible murderous will, making the opponent blind for a moment enough to successfully penetrate.

At this very moment, tens of thousands of black spears were all shooting towards Austin. They all were shaking and ringing at the same time, causing the air to tremble at their number.

The sounds they created was deafening, as if each spear had their own battle cry.

Their terrifying beams of light surely drove fear into the heart of every creature as the sight of them was enough to conclude that they would be able to pierce through anything, giving you a gruesome death.

The young evil creature in white robe coldly laughed. His face darkened furiously as he stared and waited for Austin's end.

"Go to hell, tiny bug!" He roared with wrath.

As soon as the evil creature roared, the thousands of black spears quivered violently in this space and turned into streaks of black halos after the frightening chorus of buzzing. They all looked like they had eyes for they were now clearly directing towards Austin, ready to kill.

As the black spears formed and flew throughout the sky, they all started to look like a mighty black sun, glaring and unable to resist. Even the space seemed to tremble in pain and fear as it was being constantly pierced for countless violent attacks.

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