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   Chapter 2090 Another Win

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Sometime later, the silver demonic wall high in the sky cracked under Austin's continuous attack. The evil energy it emitted also weakened.

"No way!"

the evil snake roared with a face full of incredulity.

The Demonic Wall Skill was his race's secret skill. If the skill was cultivated while killing more creatures, the power of silver wall would be increased.

The snake had killed countless creatures since he start practiced the Demonic Wall Skill.

Only a few creatures of the same level could resist the suppressing power of the demonic wall. However, a human defeated it!


This is impossible !"

Rushing to him, the evil creature roared while the turbulent silver energy gushed out of his body like a great river.

more silver energy flowed out and his breath gradually withered while the face turned paler.

He was burning his own blood essence!

"That mere human did this to him!"

Behind them, the other creatures of the Evil Abyss World were all shocked.

Suddenly, Bang! Bang! Bang

Five other silver demonic walls covered in blood appeared around Austin.

A total of six demonic walls closed in on Austin and formed a solid cage restricting him.

Austin felt a bit scared. Looking around, he frowned at the overwhelming power of the six bloody silver demonic walls.

This was indeed a very powerful suppressing skill.


You little pest! Do you have any idea of my true power?

I will blast you to pieces soon. Enjoy fear while it last !"

The evil creature laughed out loud. Although little pale, he felt excited because he was about to kill a strong enemy.

"You think you can beat me?

I'll smash all of your stupid walls!"

Austin roared.

Swish, swish, swis

eatures' spilled blood.

Since the beginning, the warriors of this world had lost the battles against those, and from there the atmosphere became extremely depressing.

Currently, Austin had two consecutive wins under his belt, which completely changed the situation. He gave everyone hope.

All the cultivators around breathed a sigh of relief. They were all excited with the shift of their fate.

The evil creatures from the Evil Abyss World were angered with the turn of events. This human was too arrogant. He actually asked the eight of them to attack together, clearly insulting them.

In the previous battles, the evil creatures of the Evil Abyss World had repeatedly won and defeated those of the Immortal End World.

The creatures of the Evil Abyss World were livid and belittled those from the Immortal End World.

But now, a human ruined their winning streak.

Besides, he multiplied the contempt and arrogance to ten-fold greater than what they showed.


I'll kill him!"

"We can't let this blasphemy continue!"

The eight creatures across the Evil Abyss World went berserk.

They were furious with what was going on.

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