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   Chapter 2089 Fighting Again

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"Great! That's great!"


You funny clown! Now you know how weak you are!"

The people of the Immortal End World shouted aloud. They had been oppressed by Monroe for a long time. When they saw the aggressive and arrogant Monroe finally suffer from such a heavy blow, all of them got excited and happy.

"Where do you think you are going?"

Austin shouted when he saw Monroe was about to run away. He jumped up in the air and started to chase him.

Monroe was badly hurt in the fierce fight, so he had decided to run away as soon as he could.


While he was trying to escape, the two horns on Monroe's head turned into two giant daggers. Those daggers fell off his head and headed towards Austin. They were surrounded by endless evil energy and kept exploding as they rushed ahead in the track.


The Pot of Chaos soared high into air and instantly shook away the two huge daggers that were advancing.

With his bodily movement skill, Austin instantly caught up with the fleeing Monroe. The Pot of Chaos had already come back to his hand. He heaved it and pounded it at him like a giant hammer striking at a lightning speed.

In the span of a breath, Monroe was hit dozens of times.


Blood splattered off in all directions. Hollows appeared on Monroe's huge body. He gave out a blood-curdling scream as he underwent great pain.

Austin looked overwhelming and brave!

At that moment of accomplishment, he looked tall, arrogant and indomitable. His black hair was flying about in the air and his eyes were as bright as burning embers!

"I'll smash you to death!"

Austin used one of his big arms, which was as thick as flood dragons, to press the seriously injured Monroe. Then he raised the Pot of Chaos with the other hand. He kept smashing it at Monroe.

Once! Twice! Thrice!


Soon, Monroe lost the ability to resist Austin's attack completely. He could only scream painfully after that brutal attack.

A moment later, there was an eeriness around.

Monroe had finally stopped screaming and breathing.

It was a terrifying scene. Monroe's huge body, which used to be as big as a little hill, had already been smashed into a pile of soft mud, and his flesh, blood and bones were mingled and looked like bloody pulp.

Austin finally stopped attacking. He put away the Pot of Chaos and reverted back to his original form in an instant.

The people who were prese

evil creature began to chant a spell. When he did so, the silver energy kept rushing out from his body. It spread around as if engulfing the sky and covered the sun. In a flash, the whole sky was dyed with silver light.

All that silver energy gathered rapidly and finally it turned into a silver demonic wall, which was stained with blood.

Drops of blood kept dripping from the silvery wall. It seemed to be very thick and formidable. At the same time, the whole world seemed to have an incomparably depressing power, and the air seemed to have frozen.


The bloody silver diabolic wall started to fall over Austin's head as if it would press him against the ground.

"Do you think this sorcery is enough to defeat me?"

With that shout, nine giant ancient stales rushed out and spun at a high speed.

It was the Nine Flaming Stela Array!

The nine flaming stelas were given to Austin by that beautiful woman who had declared that she was Austin's senior master.

According to the woman, the nine flaming stelas were left by the owner of a fire stela.

It was an extremely powerful weapon that he had.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The nine blocks of ancient stales dashed towards the thick demonic wall that was aimed at falling on Austin and crushing him to death.

At the same time Austin made his move.

The Pot of Chaos in Austin's hand also expanded instantly. It was like a giant hammer that was advancing to smash fiercely at the silver demonic wall.

All of a sudden, the whole space was filled with violent energy. The amount of energy present in the air kept surging with each passing second.

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