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   Chapter 2088 The Outcome

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"Monroe, this is not your panache. Are you showing him mercy?"

Those fledgling and wicked creatures from different lands seemed discontented. They shouted from behind.

Amazingly, it turned out that the rhinoceros shaped evil creature, was called Monroe.

Essentially, Monroe was testing Austin. He did not use all his strength to fight with Austin.

He seemed to be extremely energetic and powerful. With just a small move of his elevated body, the surrounding area would repetitively shake.

"You have disappointed me. You're not as energetic as I thought. I will not show you mercy at all this time. That's it!"

Monroe told Austin.

Notwithstanding his facetious surface, after some testing, he came to realize that the other party's strength ability didn't seem to be that weak, or even not frailer than his strength and ability.

Consequently, he planned to use all his strength without reservation and terminate his adversary with his extremely powerful technique.


The two horns disconnected from the head and they turned into two black gigantic heaven slaughtering daggers with flashing cold light and intense killing intent. Austin was about to be struck by lightning.


Monroe's entire body curved like a moving mountain and rushed against Austin as quick as a flash.


At the very moment, his mouth was wide open, and he spewed a black light. It tarnished everything and formed a massive black corrosive net, whizzing with dreadful smoke and covering the head of Austin.

Monroe did three moves simultaneously. Out of the blue, black radiance shot everywhere and ferocious winds appeared. Evil energy washed over this area.

These were his most lethal and powerful blows!


At this particular moment, there was a terrifying sound. The vacuum was crumbling, because Monroe's body was so strong that wherever he went, the space around crumbled and the time was in pandemonium.

Now, he was completely invisible!

This was the only potency he could gather within a short period which was also a powerful blow that could put the adversary to death in a heartbeat!

"Well played!"

Austin rumbled as he shook the earth and mountains viciously. In a blink of an eye, he quickly jumped up and made a move. This was the moment he had been waiting.

Now he wanted to establish his reputation and conquer his opponent as quickly as possible, to wash away embarrassment of defeating in succession, and to make the most horrendous move.

The fire around Austin's body was so powerful that the blood energy around him was completely activated. His entire body was soaked in the dragons' blood vitality, which was so dazzling.

Austin's arms and limbs becam

Austin roared.

His arms were as thick as flood dragons, masked by countless enormous dragons, and his fists struck at high speed.

"Go to hell!"

Monroe also used all his stamina and rushed quickly towards Austin with his body as huge as a mountain, regardless of anything.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Austin threw successive punches on Monroe's body violently one after the other.

Neither Austin nor Moore backed up.

The fists of Austin kept ramming with the huge body of Monroe.

The surrounding area kept crumpling and shattering, and limitless space fragments wallowed everywhere in the sky.

Immediately, the two gave up all kinds of commanding skills and fought in the most primeval and vicious way!

It was a do or die battle.

What was the outcome? Who would emerge as the winner?

Everyone's heart leaped to their throat. At this time, they were utterly silent. They were stricken with a little fear, as the results were about to be revealed.


People shouted when they heard the sound of blood and flesh being smashed, as if they were in a do or die battle themselves.

When the blood red light rushed up, Austin stood up arrogantly. He didn't get any injuries whatsoever.

Monroe's face warped in immense and excruciating pain and his entire body was distorted with blood splashing from where the bones were visible.

How chilling was this?

Moore's body was known as strong as a magic treasure itself. Even the most prevailing magic treasure couldn't cause any harm to him at all. However, his body was now pierced by someone with bare hands. It was a frightening battle!


Monroe rumbled. His enormous body, as big as a mountain, was covered with fist-sized blood holes, with blood oozing out.

It was unbelievable that he would lose in the match fight!

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