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   Chapter 2087 The Battle

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At this moment, everyone's eyes were fixed on Austin.

"Master, don't go!" cried Violet.

"This... this is too risky! These monsters are terrifying!" added Caroline. Violet and Caroline both tried their best to dissuade Austin.

They moved their bodies at the same time and chased after him.

They were hopeful that they could stop Austin from fighting against the monsters.

"Brat, I also don't agree that you fight with these monsters. As you may know, our enemy sent only one monster but it ended up killing more than twenty people from our side. These monsters are definitely way too powerful. You just better leave immediately," said the gnome.

The gnome was also trying to discourage Austin.

He didn't want Austin to be doomed. He knew that Austin was no match to these monsters.

Stacy, Zoe, Kimberly and Bray also did their bests to dissuade Austin.

Just now, more than twenty strong students were defeated and killed by a young evil creature. It had a great impact to everyone. As much as possible, they didn't want to lose another companion because of these monsters.

These evil creatures from the other world certainly terrified everyone.

"Hey, just have some confidence in me, okay?"

Austin gave his friends a reassuring look.

He also didn't want his friends to worry about him. Especially Violet and Caroline.

"Don't worry, you two. I am confident that I can beat them. Have you forgotten that I still have a Lifesaving Teleportation Rune? Even if I can't defeat them, I won't be killed for real," whispered Austin to Violet and Caroline.

Austin wanted to appease these two beautiful women who truly cared for him.

And of course, his other friends too.

Fortunately, Austin's words seemed to have dawned on them. They began to relax.

Because of their anxiety, they had forgotten that Austin still had a Lifesaving Teleportation Rune with him all the time.

Now, they felt relieved.

These evil creatures from the other world hadn't discovered about the Lifesaving Teleportation Rune yet.

They were not aware that Steward Van from the Blue Dragon School, the middle-aged man in blue from an ancient sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land, and the more than twenty strong students were not truly dead.

With the help of the Lifesaving Teleportation Rune, they had been secretly transferred back to the warship of their schools and were revived there.

"Okay. B

lso laughed out loud.

Some of them were even trembling with laughter.

"Quack! Quack! Quack! Here comes the funny bug," they all chanted.

However, Austin wasn't affected at all. He knew that they were just trying to distract him.

"Laugh now while you still can. Because you will never be able to laugh again after I kill you one by one," said Austin in a calm voice.

The rhinoceros-like evil creature just smirk.

"Well, I'll chop you down so I can keep laughing!"


An evil smell came out of the rhinoceros-like evil creature's head.

Then the black light around him lit up the sky. It rushed towards Austin like a demon coming from hell. The blood and vital energy rolled in the air.

It was an extraordinary skill. The sharp black light and the blood-red light seemed to be able to cut Austin into pieces.


Austin's body became stiff. He just stood there but his right arm instantly grew thick as a flood dragon. In the blink of an eye, he was already holding the Pot of Chaos and blocked the rhinoceros-like evil creature's attack.

Violent shock waves of energy exploded simultaneously. Dazzling lightning flashed in the sky.

This stroke of confrontation was a pure collision of two powerful forces. It was too powerful!

When it settled down and the light faded, the rhinoceros-like evil creature was already floating in the air. He was boiling with rage.

He couldn't believe that Austin was still standing there, safe and sound. He didn't have any injury at all.

Austin and the rhinoceros-like evil creature were definitely neck and neck in this clash.

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