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   Chapter 2085 Eager To Fight

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The cultivators gasped as the two masters clashed in front of them.

All around them, dust particles floated in the air and small cracks spread around the void. It looked like the two figures were performing a dance as they moved quickly through the air, sending powerful attacks at each other.

It was so complex that some of the youngest cultivators that were watching couldn't understand the techniques they were using.

"Steward Van, victory is yours!"

"Come on, Steward Van! We believe in you!"

Before long, most of the young students were cheering for Steward Van and their hopes were rising.

The battle continued and strike after strike was given. Eventually, a loud groan was heard. Blood gushed into the sky and Steward Van from the Blue Dragon School was seen stumbling backwards.

Suddenly, every human cultivator went silent.

When Steward Van looked in their direction, they could see how pale his face had become. Half of his body was drooping and one of his arms had been ripped off by the creature. That half of his body was drenched in blood.


Is that all you've got, pitiful vermin? I guess I overestimated your strength. You lowborn creatures in the Immortal End World are too weak!"

the tall, evil creature said before he leaped onto top of the badly injured Steward Van.

Using his large arms, the monster smashed in his head and crushed his soul.

Steward Van was dead before he could reply.

"Van!" an elder from the Blue Dragon School shouted, struggling to not rush forward.

Tears poured from his eyes and he hugged himself tightly.

However badly he wanted to check on his friend or avenge him, he knew it was not allowed since they had agreed the strongest cultivators could not intervene.

"So this is the real strength of the creatures in the Immortal End World? You're too weak! It won't take more than an hour for my troops to invade your world!" the tall evil creature who had killed Steward Van announced.

His chest rocked as he laughed aggressively.

"I can't believe that Steward Van died like that!"

The students of the Blue Dragon School were grieving heavily, unable to get a grip on what they had witnessed.

Without giving them much of a break, another evil creature stepped forward and said, "I've cultivated for

ink all the cultivators in our world are weaklings?

This is so humiliating!' all the human cultivators thought furiously.

"I can't stand it anymore! We have to do something!" one middle-aged men yelled, pointing at the evil creatures.

Soon, all the cultivators were feeling enraged. This evil creatures from another world was too proud and that would lead to their downfall. They were sure of it.

Suddenly, a tall and strong student from one of the four top schools rushed out.

"Fuck you! I don't care if I die. I'll kill you evil things and put you in your place!" he roared as he ran towards them.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

It didn't take long for other young men to realize what he was doing and join in.

They had found a chance to pick up their pride and despite the danger, they were going to do it.

Even if the evil creatures didn't know it, the people that had rushed forward had an advantage. They were members of the four top martial arts schools and old, top-notch sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land.

They were elites among the younger generation.

Among them, Austin stepped forward and began thinking of ways to kill.

He was one of the young men that had been targeted and he wasn't afraid to face his enemies.

'Well done, kids.'

The seven great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm nodded approvingly as they witnessed their youth stepping up to the plate.

'At least, these young people are not discouraged after we lost two fights. Instead, they yearn to fight. I feel proud of them.'

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