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   Chapter 2084 Accepting The Challenge

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"These damn evil things are laughing at us. We need to do something!

Master Anderson, please lead us into the crack and let us kill them all!" someone yelled from one of the warships.

As Anderson surveyed the others' faces, he could see that not a single one of them was calm. They were all prepared to rush into battle.

"I agree with him. Let's go through this space crack and slay all those evil monsters together! I know we can do it!"

"Charge! Let's kill these bastards!"

In answer, many of the cultivators cried out in agreement.

Even some of the elders were eagerly looking at Anderson for a signal. It seemed that he was outnumbered; however, they wouldn't go against him.


You lowborn, poor creatures from the Immortal End World make me laugh. If you have the balls, come over to this side. We are waiting to kill you..."

"A bunch of nobodies dare to challenge us? It seems that you haven't learned a lesson from your world almost being destroyed..."

The evil creatures enjoyed egging on the cultivators and they continued to throw in laughs and jeers.

Suddenly, a verbal war broke out between the two forces. Voices and laughs overlapped until no one could make out what anyone was saying.

"Be quiet!"

When Anderson's earsplitting voice reached everyone's ears, they all fell silent.

He had lifted from the warship and was floating above them. His wide-sleeved robe was fluttering in the wind and an authoritative look had crossed his face.

"It's no use arguing with each other. Those evil creatures can't reach us because of the space barrier here, and we can't reach them too.

The crack is filled with the space blocking law. If we try to go through it, we will be cut into pieces and everything, including our souls, will be destroyed!"

Anderson added, causing the cultivators to settle a bit.


It looks like we've upset you. Are you really that weak?

It doesn't matter because I've got an idea. We will battle.

I can send our bravest men to your world and you will not have to come here. After it is over, we will know which world is stronger.

So… do you

a human but he had two black horns jutting out of his head.

The cultivators on the warships sized him up.

"I started my cultivation four hundred years ago. I'm at the same level as you.

I'll be your opponent and send you back to your Creator!"

A middle-aged man had walked out from the crowd. He was handsome and tall with black hair hanging down his shoulders.

"It's Steward Van!"

Many students from the Blue Dragon School cheered, clapping their hands together. He was brave to step forward first.

"You evil clown, why don't you come here and fight with me?"

Steward Van asked, lowering his eyebrows into a frown.

As he concentrated, his whole body began to glow from his vital energy.

He was the opposite of the evil creature, kind and righteous.

The energy shot to the sky and brightened everything around him.

"Go to hell, you weakling!"

Without wasting a moment, the evil creature lowered his head and charged.


The horns were coming straight for Steward Van, but he was prepared.

He gathered as much vital energy force as he could and let it burst from his body. It took the form of dragons that flew in every direction.

The tall, evil creature produced more demonic energy to protect himself.

It was a fight between the strong. When they fought, the earth and the sky were shaking!

In the crowd, Austin peered at the two masters and marveled at their powers.

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