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   Chapter 2083 The Confrontation

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7873

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After a moment of dead silence, a roar came from the space crack. "Damn you!

I knew you were a creature beneath us—vile and despicable, but I didn't think you would try to so brutally hurt the warriors of our land!"

The roar reverberated and made the ground and sky tremble.


Anderson stretched out his hand and pointed at the Astral Realm Scroll again. The huge scroll began to rock back and forth before it gained the power to break the space around them into pieces.

Filled with strength, the scroll shot into the middle of the long space crack and it began emitting huge stars. They showered down until they had filled the entire entrance of the crack.


It started as a low rumble, but within seconds, a wave of energy was increasing inside the crack and pushing to escape. Then moments later, it was expelled in a round of explosions and a terrible storm was constantly blowing out of the crack.

Everyone on the spot could see that the big stars exploded and turned into the dazzling light, looking like a firework show.


Inside the crack, the ten powerful evil creatures were calling out in fury and pain.

The Astral Realm Scroll was stronger than they were, even when they tried to fight against it.

"Damn it..."

"Retreat now! Hurry up! We can't enter the Immortal End World through this crack or we will die!"

one of the creatures yelled angrily.

The ten strong evil creatures had already fought against the strong, resisting power of the space barrier that had weakened them. Now they really felt that they couldn't catch a break. The attacks of the Astral Realm Scroll were approaching them constantly and they had no choice but to retreat.

Even if they could break through to the Immortal End World, they knew that many warriors were awaiting them on the other side. Thus, after a few seconds, they considered giving up entirely.

Eventually, all the sound ceased from the space crack.

"They have retreated,"

Anderson said, waving his hand and calling the scroll out of the crack. When it reached him, it turned into a black dot and slipped back into his body.

As for the space crack, it would eventually heal itself and become sealed.


Suddenly, cheers broke out all over the mountains and the fields. On each warship, many people were dan

the distance like a clap of thunder.

A few seconds later, a giant, black dragon the size of a skyscraper squeezed its way through the crack. Thick waves of evil energy cascaded from its body, as if it were from the hell.

The dragon was as dark as ink and its scales flashed with cold light. It waved its claws and rushed to the warships.


With one swipe of the dragon's claws, it had cut the space open and caused a large explosion. Space fragments shot all over the sky. A violent surge of energy was produced.

Almost all the Forsaken Secret Land was shaking as the wind was blowing violently and the rocks were bursting.

The whole scene was so horrible.

"Watch out! Fight the enemies!"

All the warships lit up at the same time and a defensive array was set up to protect the warships.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The black dragon flew upwards, reaching its legs outwards. As a result of the impact, the sky and clouds began to crack. After that, it turned and swung at the array, breaking it and sending those warships flying away.

Many of the people on those ships were all injured and began to cough blood.

Fortunately, Anderson released the Astral Realm Scroll again and flung it high into the air. It waved in the wind like a flag, protecting them from the brunt of the black dragon's attacks.

If it hadn't been for that, the black dragon would have caused more damage.


Can you see how powerful we are now, bugs?"

one of the evil creatures asked smugly as loud laughter rang from inside the space crack.

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