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   Chapter 2082 The Astral Realm Scroll

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At this stage, the two sides were on equal footing and evenly matched. It was a stalemate scenario.

Although the six elders were extremely powerful, the ten evil creatures they were up against also had no problem in withstanding their attacks. In fact, they did not seem to be taking any damage at all.

What they could do to the creatures was to stop them in their tracks. However, the elders knew that it wasn't long before the opponents advanced and that they were going to be powerless soon to prevent them from attacking the space crack.

"Six humans against us! Ten of our great leaders are going to kill all of you cheap rabbits!"

The evil creatures let out a piercing wild laughter that rang out hauntingly in the black fog.

The six elders looked sullen. To be honest, their situation wasn't exactly ideal.

Once these ten creatures mentioned went through the crack, they were definitely going to stir up a lot of trouble in the Immortal End World.

From the huge shadows which were being projected from the space cracks, the elders could perceive that their enemies' strength was extremely high. The creatures were easily as strong as a great master at the Semi-immortal Realm, perhaps even stronger.

However, at that moment, another voice rang out.

"Humph, they may be devils from the Evil Abyss World, but they are like clowns!"

As soon as the voice was heard, a figure appeared in front of the space crack, as suddenly as a ghost, and as solemn as an elder.

He was an old man with white hair, but his face looked young.

"Mr. Anderson!"

Austin almost screamed out in joy when he saw the figure.

He had recognized the old man; Anderson was the powerful figure who had allowed him entry into the Blue Dragon School.

Shoop, Shoop, Shoop!

The surprise didn't stop there. Figures began to constantly appear one by one in front of the space crack. Six warriors appeared in sequence.

Austin saw that these were all great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm!

Including Anderson, they made a team of seven and Austin was a bit surprised to see them come here.

It had never occurred to him that these great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm could also come here for the fight.

As his gaze swept over the newcomers, he began to recognize them all. Suddenly, his eyes froze and his face turned a deep shade of furious red. Two of these masters had balls showing up here!

One of them was an old man wearing a yellowish brown linen robe. Austin recognized him; he was Elder Saul from the Unworldly Sect!

The other one was a tall old man known to many as the vice dean of the White Tiger School!

When these two warriors had been in the East Mainland, they had personally tried to break into the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land and punish Austin.

Especially Elder Saul of the Unworldly Sect, who slapped Au

disappeared from the sights of people and were lost to obscurity.

Nowadays, the most powerful magic treasures any ordinary warrior knew of were the ultimate magical treasures.

For this era, an ultimate magical treasure was the most powerful weapon of all.

However, no matter how powerful an ultimate magical treasure was, it was still feeble compared to the devastating weapons that had been developed in the ancient times.

"Oh my God! It was the legendary Astral Realm Scroll that Master Anderson held in his hands!"

one of the elders of the four major schools whispered in horror, unable to control his excitement.

"Humph! You idiots tried to break the space barrier and invade our world. You deserve what's coming to you!

Go to hell!"

Anderson shouted coldly. There was a determined killing intent in his tone.

Then he pointed at the huge scroll spread out across the sky.


The scroll shook, and then, the void around it collapsed!

Incomparably large stars began falling from the sky one by one, spreading an extremely terrible and destructive atmosphere over the entire continent, rumbling and crushing constantly towards the evil creatures.

"Damn it! Fight back! Stand your ground!"

The evil creatures had gone into panic mode but somehow, began to rise together.

However, the Astral Realm Scroll was too powerful for them to withstand, even together.


The enormous stars falling down from the sky crushed everything in their path and shattered all the resistance these creatures had to offer!

They let out pained shrieks one after another, and their bodies were crushed into a jelly of flesh and bones. Some were directly blasted into a dense fog of blood and were evaporated.

Within a moment, every evil creature was killed, and not a single one survived!

The scene deeply shocked everyone.

The Astral Realm Scroll was very terrifying!

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