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   Chapter 2081 The Return Of The Evil Creatures

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7417

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High in the sky, the spatial energy began to fluctuate violently within the space crack.

Then, uncanny and peculiar sounds came out from the depths of the crack.

Something was obviously being transmitted out from the space barrier.

"Brat, those monsters on the other side of the space barrier are indeed trying to pass through this crack,"

the gnome said to Austin with a serious expression on his face while he used his spiritual sense to investigate.

Austin had the same feeling.

There were creatures moving in the space crack. They must be the monsters that lived on the other side of the space crack.

A moment later...

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Waves of strange rackets came from the depths of the space crack, becoming clearer and louder by the second.



The energy in the depths of the void became more evident and violent. Bang! Black fog spread around the field and enveloped the whole sky and land. Soon, numerous shadowed figures filled the area.

From afar, they were positioned in the distorted space. They stood as the black fog passed through them. They looked like terrifying great ogres, but were obscure because of the thick fog.

At this moment, a maleficent aura shrouded the area.

It could be felt that these evil creatures had great power. They stood tall as if they were pagodas, making the people tremble in fear. Together, they formed a horrible force field. They wanted to destroy every living creature in this world.

The young people including Violet, Caroline, Stacy, Kimberly and Bray all turned pale. Their bodies quivered as they began to step back. They were overwhelmed with the vital energies that suppressed them. The pressure was so great that they could not handle it. But unlike them, Austin remained calm.


Seeing this, Elder Carlos of the Black Tortoise School snorted. Then he released a gentle vital energy force to envelop the young generation, including Austin.

Violet and the other young people sighed. Finally, they felt warm and secure. They knew they stood a fighting chance against the monsters since the elders of their schools were here.

Austin could not help but admire the strengt

also sensed this.


Elder Carlos shouted.

Immediately, the two sides skirmished in fierce battle.

The six elders' bodies shimmered at the same time, and powerful runes rose up one after another. These sacred runes were all condensed by a mysterious law power that the disciples could not comprehend.

Obviously, the six elders were masters on law power.


The raging vital energy force seethed and formed a surging divine light, and an electrifying force soared to the sky. The six elders performed martial arts skills together in unison, creating an impetus for offense. The law runes all over the sky gathered together. A terrible resonance reverberated, forming a huge sea of energy roaring.


A violent vital energy force storm rushed towards the space crack, attempting to stop the ten strongest evil creatures from coming.

"No way! Come on, everyone! Let us stop these hateful humans! Don't let them destroy the passageway!"

Those evil creatures bellowed.

All the evil creatures launched a black energy mushroom cloud simultaneously to resist the attack of the six elders.


The attacks from both sides collided.

The amount of charged energies were so tremendous it caused a terrible explosion in the sky. The energy flowed endlessly in all directions like great torrents in the river.

The whole spectacle was inconceivable. The space kept bursting and countless space fragments flew everywhere.

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