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   Chapter 2080 You Are Really Good

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"You have the secret skills of the red demonic mouse race, don't you?"

Elder Carlos of the Black Tortoise School looked at Austin with appreciation.


Austin answered without hesitation.

'There is no point lying about this. Many students and followers had already seen what happened.'

"Well done," he said. "Many of our students have come here and yet none of them had been able to obtain the secret skills of the demonic mouse in the past centuries. But you made it." Elder Carlos smiled. He was impressed by the talents of the young boy.

"The red demonic mouse is one of the ten ancient chaotic creatures. Their ancestors contributed a lot to this world and were considered powerful figures in ancient times.

Since you have obtained their inherited skills, you should cultivate harder so that you can become stronger. Soon, you will be able to make a contribution to the world too.

I think this is probably what the great master of the red demonic mouse race expected of you," Elder Carlos told him sternly.

He could not help but expect great things from this young talented man.

"I understand.

That great master said the same to me," Austin replied respectfully.

He could tell that the white-haired elder in front of him was genuine and had no evil intentions.

"What you met was just a wisp of spiritual soul left by that great master.

He had perished in ancient times,"

Elder Carlos explained.

"Yeah, I am aware of that."

Austin nodded.

Thanks to his strong spiritual sense, he had realized that that the young man wearing red that he had seen in the Red Tide Palace was just made of a trace of spiritual soul.

"One more thing. Some of the students mentioned that there were a few hundred evil monsters in here. How come we didn't see any of them?

You were here. Do you know what happened?"

another elder inquired Austin.

"I've killed all those monsters,"

Austin replied hesitantly.

He really wanted to lay low. He didn't want so much attention on him.

But many of the students and followers saw him and his demonic avatar hunt down those vile creatures.

Even if he had chosen to stay quiet about it, he knew that those elders would find out sooner or later.

"What did y

on the other side of the crack had heard the threats of Elder Carlos.

Moments later, an evil voice with a murderous tone came from the crack. "Humph!

You weaklings in this Immortal End World are not qualified to know our identity.

To tell you the truth, your Immortal End World is going to be destroyed soon. All the living things in this world will perish, and your blood will soon color this land red.

Show us your fear, you lowlife creatures!"

"Humph! That's hilarious. How dare you brag like this, you loser?

You are nothing. Do you really think you can do whatever you want in our Immortal End World?

If you come here, we will make sure that you would not be able to make it out alive," Elder Carlos threatened coldly.

Then the sound wave rushed into the space crack.

"You know what?

You creatures in this Immortal End World are inferior to us.

The fate of the weak is to be killed, and you are doomed to be wiped out!"

The evil voice from the other end of the crack resounded again.

"I'm on my way. When I get there, I will murder all the lowborn, poor creatures like you!" the evil creature announced.

One could hear the murderous intent with just the sound of his voice.

Then, the depths of the space crack began to shake even more violently.

Bang! Bang! Bang

Deafening sounds were suddenly heard from the depths of the crack.

"That's not good! They are coming!"

Elder Carlos furrowed his eyebrows as he prepared himself for their arrival.

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