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   Chapter 2079 The Situation Got Worse

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Bray angered the ladies because of his distasteful and sexist comment. He immediately walked away, smiling awkwardly.

"Gnome, come to my side,"

Austin said as he was high in the sky. He released his spiritual sense and felt the huge space crack.

This was the biggest space crack Austin had ever seen in his life. It was tens of thousands of meters long and about a thousand meters wide.

It was like the mouth of an incomparably gigantic beast floating in the air.

Deep in the crack, it was pitch dark. It emanated all kinds of endless spatial power. He immediately sensed that it was very dangerous.

In addition, there were looming waves of despicable and malicious auras that were constantly transmitted through this space crack, as if it came from the other side of the space crack.

Fortunately, Austin was skilled at using his spatial power to travel through the chaotic void.

Any space crack should not be dangerous to him.

However, the space crack in front of him made him feel a little anxious that a tiny voice inside his head dared him not to approach it at all.


The gnome flew upward instantly and came to Austin's side.

Having used the Aura Disguising Skill to transform, the gnome now looked like a young human man! He was wearing pale yellow clothes, and had the noble temperament of a squire. With a graceful smile on his face, he looked charismatic.

He released his beast soul energy to explore the depth of the space crack.

A moment later, the gnome's face changed dramatically.

"Brat, there seems to be a space barrier here!

This space crack seems to be connected to a space barrier. I mean, it is a passage from one space to another dimension possibly..."

the gnome said with a grim face.

"In other words, the monsters we encountered before were able to enter our world through this broken space barrier,"

he continued.

Austin picked him as a companion because he knew well that the gnome was an ancient beast holding the old memories of ancient times. As such, he knew many things.

"A space barrier?"

Austin was stunned.

Although he had the ability to use the spatial power, he was not clear about many things about the void.

He was no weaker than the gnome in terms of spatial power as he had already inherited more secret techniques from the red demonic mouse.

However, in terms of his knowledge about the void, he was fa

anding of the great secrets of the ancient times.

"Now, Elder Frazer, Elder Mickey, you must go back to where the warship is. Deliver the message to the altar as fast as you can. We need all the help we can get.

There would be great masters there to heed our call.

As for the rest of us, stay and guard here.

We should observe the situation here carefully,"

Elder Carlos said in a deep voice.

The two elders dashed and disappeared in a flash.

The other six elders floated in the air and began to guard the space crack.

"It is truly strange, Elder Carlos.

The disciples said that hundreds of evil creatures were witnessed in the Forsaken Secret Land.

Why didn't we see any of them?"

an elder asked with a puzzled look as he released his spiritual sense to scan every nook and cranny of the Forsaken Secret Land.

Elder Carlos also had the same doubt. He then looked at Austin and others with a speculating look.

The other elders also gazed at Austin and the rest of the disciples.

"Martin Xiao, it is you!"

Instantly, two elders from the Blue Dragon School recognized Austin.

"He is Martin Xiao, the follower of your Blue Dragon School that everyone was talking about?"

Instantly, the other four elders fixed their eyes on Austin.

During this trial, especially in the Red Tide Land, Austin gained the limelight for acquiring the inheritance secret skills of the red demonic mouse.

The elders paid special attention to this famous young man called Martin.

"Good day, elders. I am Martin Xiao."

Austin had no choice but to salute the six elders one by one.

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