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   Chapter 2078 Pissing Off Everyone

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6800

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"No way. The holy weapon of the abyss demon race means a lot to our world.

Since I have come across it, I have to take it back!"

the short old man said slowly with his cold eyes flickering.

The other evil creatures were shocked with the elder's words.

It had never occurred to them that this black iron rod was considered a holy treasure of the evil ogres--the Diabolic Killing Needle!

This evil needle was famous in the Evil Abyss World, so all of the creatures had heard about it countless times before.

This was one of the most prominent holy treasures in the Evil Abyss World.

It was said that this diabolical needle could affect the overall fortunes of the abyss demon race!

This abyss demon race was revered as the most frightening and tyrannical race in the Evil Abyss World.

"Yes, we must take back this holy weapon.

This is one of the most powerful holy weapons in the Evil Abyss World.

Think about it. If we bring this holy weapon back, the elders of the abyss demon race will definitely reward us with jewels or prestige!

Maybe they will even ask us all to be leaders of some troops!"

an evil creature roared.

"You are right! Let's do it!

All the other evil creatures cheered.

This Diabolic Killing Needle was said to be a sacred weapon that could impact the entire abyss demon race. Its power and significance was incomparable.

If they managed to get back this abyss demon race, perhaps the top leaders of the abyss demon race would be pleased and reward those who had made contribution and appoint them as a small leaders.

"Well, do not be happy just yet.

Getting back the Diabolic Killing Needle will be extremely difficult.

It is born to be able to suppress all the creatures in the Evil Abyss World.

In addition, there are all kinds of powerful space blocking law in the space barrier. It will be a strenuous task for us to go there.

The only way is for us to succeed is to burn the blood essence together. In that way, we can produce muc

nds of disciples and followers of the four major schools have been chased and killed by those monsters. They have been losing devastatingly while putting up with these creatures, not even knowing where they come from or when they will stop.

Then Austin arrived, and he just killed hundreds of these colossal beasts all by himself.

It is truly a miracle, a sanctified miracle!

Damn it, Austin. You never cease to surprise me with the wonders you create.

Now I finally understand why there are so many beautiful girls throwing themselves at you!

It seems that I should spend more time on practicing.

When I have the same strength and skill as you, I could be with as many Holy Daughters as I want!"

Bray shouted relentlessly as he was taken aback by Austin's spiritual energy prowess.

What Austin had done truly shocked all of the people who witnessed it.

However, after hearing Bray's long articulation, Violet and the other disciples looked at him spitefully, especially the women around.

They were offended that Bray had been inspired to be a powerful cultivator just so he could attract desirable women.

"Get lost, pervert! You pig. Stay as far away from me as possible!"

Peacock Princess shouted angrily at Bray.

Kimberly, Caroline and other women also stared at Bray with fury.

Bray instantly panicked.

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