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   Chapter 2077 The Holy Weapon Of The Abyss Demon Race

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7425

Updated: 2020-02-06 10:05

The evil creatures were all running as fast as they could, as they tried to escape through the space crack in the sky.

Austin summoned the demonic avatar with his mind, when suddenly, the black iron rod in the hand of the demonic avatar turned into a black light and shot out.


In the blink of an eye, the black iron rod kept enlarging and turned into a gigantic heaven shattering stick, floating across the sky.

The actual appearance of the black rod was like a huge black embroidery needle with its one end pointy and sharp.

Because it was a needle.

The stick was shrouded with a dark and evil aura like a tsunami, a dark sea or an abyss. It made the sky completely dark and brought about the roaring sound as if it came from countless ghosts.

Violet and her companions stopped at the sight of the scene. They didn't dare to come any closer.

"Oh my God

Damn! There is no way in hell I am moving towards that scary scene!"

"What the hell is that black stick? It's so scary."

In a flash, all the evil creatures in the air seemed to have frozen and could no longer use their bodily movement skill.

Boundless and ferocious runes erupted from the black giant stick, spreading in all directions, completely blocking this space.

While standing at a considerable distance from the whole debacle, Violet, Caroline and the others could still sense a strong suppressing power surrounding them.

"No... It seems I can't move my limbs anymore, even if I wanted to!"

Bray shouted first.

Then, everyone else realized that they were unable to move any part of their body.

"It's okay. Don't struggle. Everything will be back to normal in a moment!"

Everyone heard Austin's voice as they struggled to free themselves.

Violet, Caroline and the others heaved a sigh of relief once they heard his instructions.

Up in the air, more than a dozen evil creatures that were unable to move began to scream miserably one after another.

They realized that the huge black stick was continuously absorbing their energy.

The continuous absorption of their energy caused their bodies to constantly shrink.

"Hurry up and pass the word to the masters. Tell them to find

vil creature proclaimed as he shook his head in disbelief. He was hundreds of meters tall and had a rough skin like a toad.

Soon, all the evil creatures began to clamor.

"Be quiet!"

Suddenly, a clam voice rang out and could be clearly heard as it transmitted its voice directly to the ears of every evil creature.

The voice was so cold that it seemed to contain endless negative emotions. Death, indifference, and ruthlessness, like a cold stream flowed through the bodies of every evil creature who heard this voice.

Immediately, all the evil creatures became quiet.

Then, a grey light slowly flew over from the distant void.

Finally, an old man appeared. He was very short, about a meter and half tall, and he looked like a humpbacked old man that was too weak to stand a gust of wind.

The old man looked rather weak. Amongst the tall and evil creatures, his figure was simply too small.

It was as if an ant just crawled into a group of elephants.

However, all the evil creatures looked at the old man with incomparable fear.


I didn't expect that the holy weapon, after so many years of missing, finally showed up in the Immortal End World."

The short old man sneered as he stared at the Diabolic Killing Needle in the hand of the demonic avatar.

"The power of the Diabolic Killing Needle is awful. I guess all the people we sent earlier have been wiped out. None of them can get back."

The short old man in grey sighed.

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