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   Chapter 2076 A Crack In The Void

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After contemplating, Larson flashed back. In a second, he appeared beside Zoe and the others who had gathered together.

All of his henchmen stopped what they were doing and followed him.

"Hey, Zoe. You have met so many acquaintances. It is good to see you alive.

Hi, Violet, Caroline. It is surely nice to meet you both here.

You are Martin Xiao, right? It is nice to meet you. So nice to meet you,"

Larson said with great enthusiasm on his face.

But no one answered him. Even Zoe also ignored him.

After what had happened, Zoe had a clear understanding of Larson Ge's true character.

His heart quietly sank with fury when he did not get any response.

"Well, Martin, there might have been some misunderstandings between us. But they are not to be taken seriously. We can move on and let it go.

From now on, we are friends."

He was planning to get familiar with Austin as a part of his plan to rob Austin's treasures. After all, he believed in keeping his enemies closer.

He knew he was no match against Austin, not in combat effectiveness. This was the only way for his diabolical plan to succeed.

"Fuck off!"

Austin snapped at him coldly without missing a beat.

He had witnessed through his spiritual sense how Larson ignored Zoe's call for help. In fact, she was almost killed if it had not been for Austin.

Besides, Austin had a strong spiritual sense and a great sensibility. He had a hunch that the man was just pretending to be good to him but had something evil in his mind.

Austin would by no means be kind to him.


Larson didn't expect Austin to be so rude to him directly. He was furious like hell.

"Shut up! Who the hell are you?

You are just a low-level follower. How dare you speak to my master in such a tone!

You behavior is totally a provocation!"

one of Larson's followers gasped furiously while pointing at Austin.

Austin's sharp eyes swept to the follower of Larson. At the same time, he concentrated his mind effortlessly, and the Spiritual Pot instantly attacked the Soul Sea of that follower.


the follower moaned in great pain. His body was thrown into the air. He hit the ground heavily in a long-range distance and passed out in an instant.

He was only at the preliminary stage

demonic avatar became more and more powerful, and it seemed to have gained a qualitative change every after a kill.

His real combat power was absolutely more than ten times stronger than before!

Austin and the demonic avatar chased the remaining dozens of evil creatures and even tracked them to a place in the Astral World.

Suddenly, Austin turned his gaze to the sky.

He saw that there was a huge crack deep in the sky, penetrating through the void.

In the depth of the space crack, there was a terrifying giant cave that was pitch black.

"Run! Get out of here and we'll be safe!"

The more than a dozen remaining evil creatures that had been chased by Austin and the demonic avatar had already lost the will to fight. They wanted to run away and leave the Astral World as soon as possible.

"This is a huge spatial teleportation passage. Aha! This must be where they all came from."

Since Austin had recently acquired the secret inheritance skills of the red demonic mouse, he had made rapid progress in terms of spatial power.

At this time, he felt that the space crack in the sky was actually a large space teleportation channel, heading to other dimensions.

At the very moment, those evil giant creatures were desperately dashing towards the space crack in retreat.

Austin instantly understood that these evil creatures must have accessed this world through this space crack.

But now, they wanted to get away.

"You want to escape? No way! We're just getting started,"

Austin snorted.

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