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   Chapter 2075 Just In Time

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As soon as Larson stopped talking, the evil creature caught up with the disciple who was last in line. The beast tore him to pieces, ripping his bones, and spilling his blood all over the place.

The people in the front, including Larson, were all in a state of shock.

The strength of these monsters were too terrifying, and they were simply unable to put up any fight.

No one dared to stay there. Everyone wanted to run away as fast as they could.

However, the evil creatures were all moving rapidly, even faster than most of the disciples.

A moment later...

"Master Larson, help!"

One of Larson's followers was caught up by an evil creature. He was so terrified that he screamed his master's name to ask him for help.

However, Larson did not even look back. Instead, he increased his speed and kept running.

His follower was killed in a second by the evil creatures and disappered into a bloody mist.

Just then...

"Oh my god!

Go away! Don't touch me!"

a girl shouted in a panic.

It turned out that Zoe was at the end of the line holding back the several ferocious monsters that were rushing towards her.

Zoe's pretty face turned pale.

It was impossible for her to deal with these evil creatures. Her stamina was slowly decreasing.

Only the seeded disciples from the four biggest schools could manage to put up a fight with them.

However, in this group, only Larson who ran at the front was a seeded disciple.

She knew that he would not come back to save her.

Larson, who was hiding somewhere in the frontline, had heard Zoe's screams through his spiritual sense.

"Zoe, do not worry! You have the Life Saving Teleportation Rune. You will not be really killed,"

Larson shouted.

Zoe knew that asking Larson for help was futile. She knew he did not care about her at all.

"Um, okay. I will try my best!"

Zoe said with determination. She was resolved to kill the monsters on her way without the help of anyone.


Seven colorf


Now, you can come with me,"

Austin said with a smile.

Shoop, shoop, shoop!

Just as Austin and Zoe were talking, some familiar figures came approaching.

They were Violet and the others!

"Violet, Caroline, are you okay? It is good to see you here!"

Zoe greeted them one by one. She was very happy to see so many acquaintances still alive and well.

Not far away, the seeded disciple of the White Tiger School, Larson, had also noticed the situation.

His spiritual sense had just clearly sensed how Austin's demonic avatar absorbed the evil creature with the Diabolic Killing Needle.

"Huh, the avatar of this guy can actually suppress these monsters with that magical, black iron rod.

It must be a prized magic treasure!"

Instantly, the verdant fire of desire were ignited in his eyes.

Those ferocious creatures had horrifying strength. But there was a magic treasure that could suppress them all.

It was obvious that this black iron rod must be a powerful magic treasure.

'This follower named Martin not only got the inheritance from the red demonic mouse, but he also acquired such a powerful magic treasure.


Damn it, I have to find a way to grab these treasures from him.

Humph! He is just a lowly follower. He does not deserve such precious things!'

Larson thought to himself.

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