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   Chapter 2074 A Serious Problem

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At that moment, something was happening on the warships of the four martial arts schools.

Light dots kept flying back and landing on the four warships.

These light dots turned out to be the students and followers who were being transmitted back by the Lifesaving Teleportation Rune.

The elders and stewards of the four major martial arts schools frowned as number of students and followers being transferred back kept increasing.

As soon as the students and followers were resurrected by the Life-saving Teleportation Runes, the elders and stewards interrogated them, trying to find out what had happened to them.

Soon, the elders and stewards had a rough idea of what was going on.

"Why would so many powerful evil monsters suddenly appear in the Forsaken Secret Land?"

The elders and stewards of the four schools were both shocked and curious at the same time.

They had taken their students to explore and participate in the trials in the Astral World more than once.

It was the first time that they had heard about such an occurrence.

"Show us how those monsters look like,"

Elder Mickey of the Rose Finch School said to one of his students.

The student suddenly waved his hand, and as soon as he did so, the image of a dozen scary-looking humongous creatures that emitted overwhelming demonic aura showed up right in front of them.

Suddenly, all the elders and stewards of the four martial arts schools turned to look at the evil creatures that were created by spiritual sense force.

"What kind of creature are these? I have never seen a creature from this race before."

The elders and stewards shook their heads in astonishment. What they saw was quite confusing.

"Well, I can't believe that there would be such terrifying monsters in the Forsaken Secret Land.

Our students were also no match for these powerful monsters!"

"It's strange. The students from our four schools have entered the Forsaken Secret Land many times before for the trials. How is it that they had never met these monsters before?

Why did they choose to show up now?"

The elders and stewards voiced out their thoughts in turns.

There was only one old man with a shock

nning as fast as they could.

The man who took lead was Larson, the seeded disciple of the White Tiger School.

More than a dozen evil creatures were chasing and killing the students from the White Tiger School.

As soon as Austin saw them, he rushed towards their direction.

Since Zoe was part of the Flame Holy Land, Austin wouldn't watch her die.

Meanwhile, Larson and other members from the White Tiger School tried their best to run from the evil creatures.

All the students and followers that followed behind him were loyal to him.

However, Larson allowed Zoe to follow them because he had feelings for her.

Larson was in front of the group.

Suddenly, one of his companions who was at the rear end of the group screamed in fear.

"Help, Larson...

I don't want to die."

A tall and ferocious monster had caught up with him.

He attacked the student with his huge and long tail and the attack looked like the autumn wind sweeping the leaves.

"Damn! You should have run faster.

Don't worry. Even if you get killed, you can be resurrected by using the rune.

Deal with that thing by yourself,"

Larson responded, as he turned his head back to glance at that student indifferently.

After that, he sped up.

"But Larson..."

Larson's other companions couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed in his actions.

"Stop arguing! Stay focused and run as fast as you can if you don't want to die!"

Larson bellowed.

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