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   Chapter 2073 Hoarding Of Great Power

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Austin was certain that both the Diabolic Killing Needle and the flying demonic monkey came from some evil race in the Evil Abyss World.

After hearing the miserable cry and the last words of the flying demonic monkey before it died, he deduced that it was the Holy Son of the abyss demon race.

As for the Diabolic Killing Needle, he concluded that it was the holey treasure from the same race.

Did these ferocious-looking monsters come from the Evil Abyss World as well?

Austin wondered and felt shocked as he slowly realized that fact.

If these evil creatures in front of him were truly not creatures of the Astral World, then why would they come to this place? What was their purpose?

As soon as the question popped in Austin's mind, countless guesses soon appeared.

As he was busy in thought, several monsters had their bodies torn apart already, and various colors of blood spilled and were now forming huge puddles of red, yellow, and green on the ground. From the wounds on their bodies, endless evil energy burst out, forming a mist around their surroundings.

Around this time, the seven monsters started to realize that they were completely weak and unable to withstand the attack of hundreds of giant Earth Energy dragons.

"Ugh! We have to escape now!

This damn human is too damn strong! We can't defeat him! Run, quick!"

All of a sudden, Austin felt the Diabolic Killing Needle in the demonic avatar tremble violently.

He knew that the Diabolic Killing Needle was going to rush out any second now.

At this point, Austin remembered and realized that the Diabolic Killing Needle absorbed evil energy to enhance its own power, and it was its favorite activity of all.

'Where else can I find that evil energy when the energy that these monsters in front of me contain is exactly what the Diabolic Killing Needle wants?'

He nodded at himself in affirmation and thought of an attack.

Under his silent command, his demonic avatar immediately rushed out from Austin's body and greatly emitted a strong evil aura.

The demonic avatar looked around for a second before it rushed to one of the monsters in a flash.


Not long after, a black iron bar appeared on the hand of the demonic avatar. The stick was as sharp as a giant needle.

There was no doubt that this was the Diabolic Killing Needle.

This was a powerful magic treasure and could naturally turn itself either big or small at will.


As soon as the Diabolic Killing Needle was in the demonic avatar's hand, it did not waste any more time. The demonic avatar raised its hand with the black iron bar and instantly hit the monster's body.

Immediately after the impact, endless black energy spots turned into numerous evil runes, rushing out from the iron rod, and covered the monster's body entirely.

"What the... Ahh!"

The monster then let out a heart-wrenching screech as he

and swiftly chased after him. In a flash, the black iron rod hit the monster in the head.

"Ah!" the monster screamed in pain and horror.

In less than a minute, the light turned into its original body and was completely absorbed by the evil needle and disappeared without a trace.

Then, the situation changed, giving Austin a pleasant surprise.

The Diabolic Killing Needle seemed to have its own mind as it tried to divert itself from Austin's command. Like a magnet attracted to metal, the Diabolic Killing Needle then chased another monster, running for its life.

At once, the Diabolic Killing Needle hit the monster.

The screaming of the monster faded as the black iron rod erupted into bewitching runes, sucking the monster's body.

Without another minute to waste, all of the remaining four monsters were completely absorbed by the Diabolic Killing Needle.

Austin stopped moving and smiled, realizing that the seven evil creatures were all killed by the Diabolic Killing Needle alone.

He was even more satisfied after feeling the very much increased energy fluctuation of the black iron rod.

What was more, since the demonic avatar and the Diabolic Killing Needle had been integrated into a whole and were complementary to each other, his demonic avatar seemed to have greatly increased in power and strength as well.

Austin smiled even more in great satisfaction. Finally, Violet, Caroline, and the others caught up with Austin and rushed to his side.

Violet looked around and saw nothing but a huge space. She scratched her head and asked, "Master, are those seven monsters gone? All dead?"

Austin nodded at her and replied, "Yes, all of them are dead now.

Let's go. We have to move on and continue to hunt the other monsters. The more monsters we kill, the better it is!"

As he felt the powerful energy in the demonic avatar, Austin was certain that he would never let go of such a great opportunity.

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