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   Chapter 2072 The Similar Evil Aura

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"What? What the hell is going on here?

Are these the contents and conditions of the trial?"

Austin looked back at the six or seven evil monsters which were not far behind him. They were chasing him murderously. He could not help but frown slightly at being hounded by those monsters.

Austin felt that the fighting power of these evil monsters was extremely terrifying and that annoyed him.

Being confronted by them, it was clear to him why the ordinary disciples and followers of the four major schools were no match for them.

"Master, we don't know what happened.

This time our mission is to enter this secret land to search for the legendary treasure. We didn't expect these monsters. We didn't know they would appear so soon after we arrived. We don't even know what they are,"

Violet said in a confused state.

It was indeed an unexpected thing for all of them.

"Unexpectedly, Denny was killed by these weak ants. How did that happen?"

The other evil creatures had already caught up with them. Each one of them had an overwhelming evil aura.

There were seven of them in total. And all of them looked weird and ferocious.

Denny had been the brown giant. He was powerful, but just now he had died there, which surprised even those seven evil creatures.

"What is your identity and to which race do you belong?"

Austin glanced coldly at all those seven evil creatures and asked coldly.

The language they spoke was actually different from what they spoke.

And the language that the evil creatures spoke was not any of the human languages.

So, Austin had used his spiritual sense that reached their Soul Sea directly to ask that question.

It was a conversation that happened between spiritual souls so they could understand each other very clearly, though their languages were different.

It was clear that as long as he had a strong spiritual sense, he could easily communicate with them, without any hindrance.

A creature with powerful spiritual sense could learn another unknown language in almost an instance.

"Quack! Quack!

The details about which race we belong and what is our identity is not something that an insignificant ant like you can ask us!

But tell me, did you kill Denny?"

one of the evil creatures which was hiding in the shadow asked in a cold and insidious tone.

Evil creatures were always surrounded by a large shadow that was as dark as the night. So, it was difficult to see their true faces.

Each of these evil creatures was so powerful that it could defeat any of the ordinary disciples and followers of the four major schools.

Now, hundreds of them had appeared suddenly, so it was quite understandable that the current battle situation would be sideways.

By the cries and chaos, it was clear that those evil creatures must have gained the upper hand.

All the others realized that the students and followers of the four major schools must have suffered and there might be many casualties.

Fortunately, all those disciples and followers had a Lifesaving Teleportation Rune with them.

Even if they were killed by those evil creatures, they would not be dead for real.

Austin was lost in his thoughts and wondered how many deaths might have occurred.

Suddenly a thought struck him and his heart skipped a beat.

"Well, the aura of these evil creatures feels familiar. It looks like I have met them somewhere in the past."

Thinking of this strange feeling about it all, Austin couldn't help narrowing his eyes. He released his spiritual sense to closely examine the seven evil creatures.

It hardly took him two seconds to recognize it.

"Yes! The flying demonic monkey!"

It finally occurred to Austin and he was able to identify those creatures.

The aura of those evil creatures was quite similar to that of the flying demonic monkey. Austin had met it in the Northern Mine District of the East Mainland.

As he thought over it, Austin also sensed that the same aura had emanated from the Diabolic Killing Needle!

"Where have these monsters come from?"

Austin was taken aback and was left with only questions.

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