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   Chapter 2071 You Came Just In Time

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7129

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In the Astral World, Austin transformed into a red light.

He dived into the ground and flew forward very fast under the ground. At the same time, he tried to perceive the Earth Energy and the potential power of the earth.

Gradually, he found something common between the Earth Formula and the secret skills of red demonic mouse.

They both possessed soil properties and had something to do with earth.

After Austin traveled underground for about an hour, his eyes lit up in joy.

He could sense Violet.

Her spiritual orb was in Austin's Soul Sea, and this enabled both of them to perceive each other as long as they were within a certain distance.

'Looks like Violet is nearby, ' contemplated Austin as he kept moving.

'The students and followers of the four major schools are supposed to be practicing for the trial nearby, ' Austin thought to himself.

Austin then moved towards the direction where he could sense Violet's spiritual sense.

At that moment, Violet, Caroline, the gnome, Stacy, Kimberly, Peacock Princess, Bray and other people were huddled together.

They ran towards the entrance of the secret place at full speed as they tried to escape.

Everyone was nursing different kinds of wounds and injuries as a result of the attack.

During the intense battle, almost half of the students and followers of the four biggest schools had been killed or badly wounded.

Only the most powerful seeded disciples had been able to fight back.

It was not easy for Violet and her companions to survive the vicious attack.

Seven scary-looking evil creatures were chasing closely behind them, sending sand and stones flying around and shaking the earth due to their gigantic statue. They smashed some hills that they bumped on, on their way and broke them into tiny pieces with their clumsy bodies.


These creatures from the Immortal End World are too weak, Such a one sided attack! Killing mortals that can't even defend themselves is quite meaningless. Fighting them is boring!"

Suddenly, evil creatures behind them burst into crazy laughter. Their laughter was l

iolently like waves.

Then the earthy yellow fog burst out from the ground and turned into huge dragons with amazing energy. They pounced on the giant with bared fangs.

"Oh, What the hell is this?"

The brown giant was taken aback because he sensed that the energy emitted from the earthy yellow dragons was very powerful.

Instantly, dozens of earthy yellow huge dragons rolled and circled the giant in the middle, attacking him frantically.

The brown giant waved his axe at the dragons continuously.

However, to his surprise, after he cut off the dragons made from fog, the fog would turn into dragons again. It was impossible to destroy them.


A red light flashed.

Then a figure appeared above the brown giant's head.

In the next moment, a giant human arm the size of a dragon showed up.

The mysterious person hit the giant in the head with a massive pot.

Since the brown giant was busy dealing with earthy yellow dragons, he was caught off guard and failed to dodge the attack.

In less than two seconds, the giant's head was smashed into blood mist and his brains splashed.

With a loud thump, the headless brown body, more than fifty meters high, fell onto the ground.

A young man floated in the air and looked at Caroline, Violet and the others. It was Austin.

"It's Austin!

Well done, dude! You came just in time!"

Bray couldn't help but rejoice.

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